Monday, March 20, 2017

Not used

"Exclusive: Investigation, Trump, Acosta – Epstein Pedophile Plea Deal".

"“Competing Observables” Complicate Deception".  Honey pots eliminated from the vocabulary as they are 'not used'!

"Russia Critic Sparks Feud At The New York Times".  "NYT’s ‘Tinfoil Hat’ Conspiracy Theory".

"Another Senior Russian Official Has Died".  "Russian space official found dead in prison cell".  "Why Would FSB Officer Dmitry Dokuchaev Use A Yahoo Email Account To Spy For Russia?".  The oddity of dealing with spies in a court:  "What Russian Hackers Teach About America's Spies".

"Trump can’t lose White working class voters with a bad AHCA".  Express concern that Trump might make the big mistake which ruins him and hater policies with him.

"Opponents of single payer are moral monsters on par with AHCA proponents".

"Israel: America's Mad Dog in Syria".  Swap 'Israel' and 'America' in the title.  "Netanyahu does not seem to fear Russia."  "Haaretz: Putin Forgot to Tell Assad That It’s Anti-Semitic to Attack IDF Jets Bombing Syria".  "Netanyahu Furious Over Non-existent Threat of ‘Iranian Naval Base’ in Syria".  "Israeli Drone Kills a Member of Syrian NDF".  Tweet (Mike):
"“The next time the Syrians use their air defense systems against our planes we will destroy them...,” Liberman said."

"Trump Administration Ousts U.N. Official to Protect Israel From Criticism" (Greenwald).  "UN bowed to ‘fearmongering and threats’ from powerful governments to cover up ‘painful truth’ of Israeli apartheid — UN official’s resignation letter".

"Meet Western human rights organizations: "Documents Reveal How Israel Made Amnesty International's Local Branch a Front for the Foreign Ministry in the 70s"".

You have to assume that everybody has been bought:  "The CIA’s 60-Year History of Fake News: How the Deep State Corrupted Many American Writers".

"In The Canadian Cartoon Dudley Do-Right Can Do No Wrong, Snidely Whiplash No Good. In Real Life Can Robert Fife, David Walmsley, Terry Glavin, Alan Freeman And Scott Gilmore Save The Galicia Gang?"  Summary of the extensive efforts of Canadian 'journalists' to protect Freeland.

"Jews Hunting Gorka".  "No, The Sebastian Gorka Story Has Not Unraveled".

"Another Day, Another Report About Steve Bannon’s Affection for Nazism".  You have to wonder if these ridiculous attacks on Bannon are an attempt to cover up the real problem of Mercerism.

Ha!:  "Exxon Says Some Emails From ‘Wayne Tracker’ Alias May Be Lost".

"Canada's financial watchdog is a joke".  It was decided a long time ago, by the Brits and then by the Yanks, that Canada was the place from which the financial fraudsters could operate.  There is no regulation.

Tweet (Patrick Strickland):
"Brutal battle between leading intellectual titans grips Twitter users worldwide"
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