Sunday, March 05, 2017

Thick with conspiracies

"Requiem for a Martyr: The “Blind Sheik”, Omar Abdel Rahman, Innocent Victim of Seditious Conspiracy Trial":
"Defense lawyers claimed that Emad Salem entrapped their clients by hiring them for his plots, then taped them making incriminating statements.  Salem’s tapes, on which most of this trial would be based, would also include two FBI admissions of overseeing the provision of the WTC explosives.  Ron Kuby requested that all of Salem’s tapes collected as evidence (which also showed the FBI’s unsavory ways of doing business) be released in their entirety to the public to expose the case as a conspiracy to frame the defendants.  Judge Michael B. Mukasey, (who would be named Attorney General in 2007), refused to allow the tapes to be made public."
"The defense counsel immediately called for a mistrial because they believed that the problems with the trial were so egregious.  It was clear that the FBI made use of Egypt’s intelligence agent as an agent provocateur to carry out its own agenda. Some defendants claimed that exculpatory conversations were missing from the tapes; the FBI admitted that they had “briefly” returned the tapes to Salem after they had been entered as evidence.

Judge Mukasey told the defense lawyers that he would consider their request to hold a post-trial hearing on the issue of whether he should overturn the convictions.  But on January 10, 1996, he rejected the defense motion to throw out the convictions of Sheik Omar Abdel Rahman and nine others, claiming that there was no proof that the evidence that Salem had destroyed would have helped exonerate the defendants.  Mukasey ignored Salem’s obvious motive for destroying evidence and the FBI’s interest in wanting him to do it."
"Of course Donald Trump’s phones were tapped!".  Comment by noreen cerino on the speed of the protests with "professionally printed signs".  It is curious that the Clintonistas were completely certain of victory, yet there was a concerted organized Obama-Soros conspiracy to undermine President Trump in place from the summer of 2016, all turning on ties to Russia.

Unnatural causes?:  "New Development on the Michael Cohen 'Peace Plan' Meeting".

I'll just leave this here:  "Nixon and the Jews: Part 2".

"Ambassador Nick Burns is either ignorant or a liar."

"Drastic Changes in the Middle East Happen Unbelievably Fast".

"Elor Azaria and the Myth of Jewish Universal Values" (Atzmon):
"Putting aside Azaria’s brutal act, the court case exposed a deep conflict within Israeli society. Zionism, as we know, promised to make the Jews ‘people like other people.’ Yet, the reality on the ground suggests that Israelis have to spend a lot of time and energy concealing the fact that they actually share very little with other people, if anything at all."
"Trump Snubs Poroshenko and Congress Cuts War Aid".  "The Donbass Is Breaking Away from an Agonized Ukraine".  "New Cold War tensions are easing".  It would be a terrible tragedy for the Traditional Enemies of Peace if their efforts to undermine Trump goaded him towards peace.

"The Walled Off Hotel: Banksy opens dystopian tourist attraction in Bethlehem".

This is what running for President of the United States looks like:  "NY Governor Makes Emergency Trip to Israel to Comfort Jews Over Prank-Callocaust".  Callocaust!

Ha!:  "Dept. of Oops: THE INTERCEPT’s Fake News Headline Fail".  This would be funny even if the alleged perp hadn't been an Intercept 'journalist'.

"FBI undercover stings foil terrorist plots - but how many are agency-created?" (preemptively arresting everybody would also work!):
"Still, these investigations could help thwart terrorism, said Dru Stevenson, a law professor at South Texas College of Law in Houston who has studied how such undercover cases prevail over entrapment defenses.

By locking up people who would be willing to carry out terrorist acts, the stings can reduce the potential recruiting pool for real terrorists looking for willing followers, Stevenson said. And the knowledge that undercover FBI agents and informants are out there could make that recruitment more dangerous, difficult and slow for actual Islamic State plotters.

“If the choice is between waiting for the person to find some real terrorists to get involved with, or giving them a phony plot, I’m fine with giving them a phony plot,” Stevenson said."

"Concerning the Investigation of the Murder of Kim Jong-nam: VX or FX?":
" . . . here there are even more questions for the girls. From their profiles on social networks, Internet users found that the citizen of Vietnam has repeatedly traveled to South Korea (out of 198 her friends on Facebook – 40 are from there), including – on a notarized invitation by a South Korean citizen, who on the day of the death of Kim Jong-nam immediately flew to France. It is possible to declare this “not a coincidence”, but the author considers something else to be more important. The girl, who regularly visited South Korea, could not help but be aware of the inter-Korean confrontation, and, therefore, would hardly be so gullible as to “fall for” the North Korean proposal."
"Who is Robert Mercer ... Really?"  It is interesting how often these 'self-made men' have a suspicious leg up.  You know, dad = aerosols, CIA, chemical weapons dispersal.  Then son, obviously too smart to be a climate change denialist, funds climate change denialism.
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