Thursday, March 02, 2017

Unified biometric ID

"DOJ Denies Report That Counterintel Chief Is Behind Intel Leaks".  "Source of National Security Breach Identified – Leaker is David Laufman of DOJ".  "The Clinton system to discredit Donald Trump" (Meyssan).

More clarification:  "Resisting Donald Trump’s Violence Strategically" ("the start of what might be the final monumental assault on much of what is good in our world.").

"Behind the Donbass "Economic Offensive" - Part 1".  This kind of deoligarchization sets a wonderful precedent and must be driving Kiev nuts!

"2nd Jewish Cemetery Vandalized; But Those Shedding Tears Seem to have Short Memories".  Museum of 'Tolerance'!  If we were equally Evil we would be planning Nakba Memorial Museums to be built over these cemeteries.

"Italy grants partial clemency to ex-CIA agent in abduction".  Knocked a year off.

"Erdogan wants a proxy war with the US?"

"Sieges, Demographic Shifts and Returns to ‘Liberated’ Cities".  Note that Cockburn is describing Yinonization.

"Who funds Irish4Israel?"  Not a very receptive place for Absolute Evil.

"Diary".  It is striking how British politicians have managed to destroy, in just a few years, what used to be thought of as the best health system in the world.  A cautionary tale of what little lies between civilization and neoliberal apocalypse.

"U.S. Backed Siege of Mosul Shows How Hypocritical Media Manipulates Us".  The plan may still be to push the ISIS fighters into Syria where they can carry on Yinonizing.

"How India became Bill Gates' guinea pig: A conspiracy as recounted by the main actors".  They've stopped testing of cashlessness on mice and have proceeded to involuntary human testing.  Unified biometric ID is obviously the plan for everybody as we head for 1984.

"Roundup: A mystifying new delay".  Typical Canadian Liberals mean well until the big corporate interests start leaning on them.

"Classified documents reveal Canada's planned response to 9/11-style attack".  Commentators are 'woke'.  Was this incompetent redaction or part of a sophisticated psych op against the Canadian people?

"Video: Schumer Eventually Calls Israel's Nuclear Arsenal a "Fact", Cuts off Further Questioning".

Michael J Weldon (Psychotronic Video) :
"Russia's Permanent Rep. to The U.N. Vitaly Churkin died Mon in NYC (apparently he was poisoned). As a child he acted in two Soviet movies about Lenin."
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