Saturday, March 11, 2017

What our rulers allow

"Fewer Corporate Insiders Are Buying Their Own Stocks Than At Any Point In 29 Years".

Tweet (Mark Ames):
"It was inevitable that crypto "radicals" would merge with neocons—both suckle from the same Pentagon contractor teat"
"The Truth About the WikiLeaks C.I.A. Cache".  "WikiLeaks CIA cache: Fool me once".  Army of CIA minions scurry to secure the honeypots.  The sad truth is that the CIA is the direct cause of massive insecurity:  "The CIA are the real ‘threat to national security’; leaks show they treated software exploits like toys".  If the United States was functioning properly, the CIA would be immediately wound up, and there would be mass trials of all involved, with long, long, long jail sentences.

"Blind Items Revealed #2" - John Ashe, barbell to the larynx.

It is still barely ok in Canada to be against long jail terms for using an undesired pronoun - "Protesters decry Jordan Peterson talk outside National Gallery of Canada" (I really wonder if things would have been different if Clinton had won in the US!) - but not ok to be a female pioneer helicopter pilot if the real rulers whine - "Women of Aviation event organizers say they won’t honour Nazi pilot Saturday".

"The House GOP is pushing a bill that would let employers demand workers' genetic test results".  "Liberal backbenchers defy cabinet wishes and vote to enact genetic discrimination law".  There are a lot of power relationships to unpack here.

"Gothamist Purges Stories About The Ricketts Family While Joe Ricketts Was Negotiating To Buy Site".

"New Evidence Contradicts Pentagon’s Account of Yemen Raid, But General Closes the Case".

"Rejecting Purim spiel, Putin tells Netanyahu to stop dwelling on past"!  Why we all love Putin so much.  Note the Jerusalem Post propaganda piece omits Putin's Purim comments.

Head-lopper archeology.

"The Alt-Right is Slandering My Father’s Beautiful Creation, Babar by: Jacques de Brunhoff"!

"State Department Urges Coroner To Keep Russian UN Ambassador's Cause-Of-Death Secret".

"Australian Prime Minister Drags Foot, Trips Up Ukrainian Court Claim Of MH17 Terrorism".  Not many Ukrainians in Australia, so no pressure to play along with the usual bullshit!

"“Afghanistan: As Only Love Could Hurt”".

"Chrystia Freeland’s granddad was indeed a Nazi collaborator – so much for Russian disinformation".  "Canadian Foreign Minister Scapegoats Russian Hackers for Exposing Nazi Grandfather".  The problem isn't that her grandfather was a Nazi, the problem is that her policies are exactly the supremacist policies that his would have been (and cheered on for that very reason).  The fact that they try to hide behind a ridiculous anti-Russian conspiracy theory - the most obviously stupid ad hominem rhetoric imaginable (an attack not based on the source, but on the imaginary nature of the source!) - is all we need to know.  As a Canadian, I am profoundly embarrassed by the unambiguous neo-Nazism of the Canadian government.

"Why the Russia Story Is a Minefield for Democrats and the Media".  As with emptywheel, a baffling inability to let go of the ridiculous Russia 'hacking' story.

"Suspect In House IT Security Probe Also Had Access To DNC Emails".  This weird story remains unexamined.

"STATEMENT: Criminal charges against Justin Brake an attack on press freedom".  "Protests against Muskrat Falls hydro project escalate as flooding set to begin".  "28 people involved in protests against the Muskrat Falls hydroelectric project in Labrador charged".  Boondoggle.

"The mystery of the Visalia Ransacker won’t go away after 41 years".

Tweet (Andrew King) (from an area known for UFO sightings):
"Rare photos of Ottawa's National Research Council testing of a very UFOish flying wing prototype. Test Base:Arnprior."
Three cheery tweets.
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