Tuesday, April 04, 2017

A troubling direction

Exactly the kind of extremely high-level extreme corruption in 'journalism' we have come to know and love:  "Cernovich Explains How He Learned About Susan Rice".

"Rice has not returned repeated calls for comment from Circa. But in an interview with PBS recently, she said she had no idea what House Intelligence Committee chairman Devin Nunes was talking about when he said Obama officials were monitoring Trump associates after the election."

"Spicer Says Susan Rice Investigation Moving In A "Troubling Direction"":
". . . as Trump has pointed out many times, Spicer went on to tell Fox News that the most troubling part of the whole situation was the media's apparent 'lack of interest' in the potentially illegal actions of Susan Rice versus their complete fascination with Trump's alleged ties to Vladimir Putin for which no one has offered a single shred of evidence..."
The cover-up story is making the usual suspects very nervous: "De-Derping the 'Un-Masking' Story".

"The Rumor About Donald Trump and Russian Prostitutes in a Hotel Room Can Be Traced to a Shady Belarus Real Estate Agent".

"By Jingo, an "Act of War!"" (Giraldi).  I think the deporables understand that the real issue is whether it is better for Trump's circle to take preemptive steps to stave off WWIII, or for the beshekeled Hillary, lover of WWIII, and her backroom circle of Barry's officials, to use the mass surveillance state to ensure there is never any chance of peace.  It's not complicated.

"Ecuador’s Left-Wing Success Story".  Rafael Correa is one of the greatest political leaders of all time.  I note that. as usual in a world infected with acute Sorositis, they tired to push-poll the right winger to a win.

"Bloomberg’s Hit Job on Venezuela – and Me".

"The establishment needs to make up its mind: do “false flags” happen, or not?"  Again, not complicated.  Markedly unlike all the beshekeled corrupt politicians of the West, Putin doesn't need a false flag as he is not attempting to fight Wars For The Jews.

"If Terrorists Targeted Russia, Who’s Behind the Terrorists?" (Cartalucci).

"Playing With Fire: How Modern Terrorism Rose to Power in Europe".

"‘Terrorism must be defeated’: Trump offers condolences to Putin over St. Petersburg attack".

#wearealllondon and #weareallparis, but no #weareallstpetersburg.  The solitary reference I can find.

"Paris police clamp down on Palestine rally".  The mayor of Paris must gather a truly magnificent shekel collection.

"Someone is spying on cellphones in the nation's capital".  It appears to be the RCMP, but, in the spirit of the age, we'll blame it on Putin!
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