Thursday, April 13, 2017

Chocolate cake / silent coup / destabilize

Tweet (a Traditional Enemy Of Peace, blood pouring from his fangs, linking to Bellingcat!!!):
"Do those who still insist Syrian govt didn't drop chemical weapons have any idea how much evidence they are denying?"
The 'evidence' they are denying:

  1. "Exclusive: Top Missile and Chemical Weapons Expert Debunks Trump’s Claims About Syrian Chemical Weapons" ("Postol believes this provides circumstantial evidence that the chemical was released from the ground, and that the perpetrator intentionally waited for a calm day to set it off.");
  2. "White House claims on Syria chemical attack ‘obviously false’ – MIT professor";
  3. "A Quick Turnaround Assessment of the White House Intelligence Report Issued on April 11, 2017  About the Nerve Agent Attack in Khan Shaykhun, Syria." (also here);
  4. "Intelligence and Military Sources Who Warned About Weapons Lies Before Iraq War Now Say that Assad Did NOT Launch Chemical Weapon Attack";
  5. "UK-trained doctor hailed a hero for treating gas attack victims in Syria stood trial on terror offences ‘and belonged to the group that kidnapped British reporter John Cantlie’";
  6. "Questioning The Narrative Around Alleged Chemical Attack In Syria Is Not Fringe";
  7. "Trump Withholds Syria-Sarin Evidence" (Parry):  ". . . it remains a mystery why this intelligence assessment is not coming directly from President Trump’s intelligence chiefs as is normally the case, either with an official Intelligence Estimate or a report issued by the Director of National Intelligence.";
  8. "Media’s Double Standards on Conspiracy Theories #NotNormal".
Trump seems to be in some kind of tragic final death spiral, accelerated - I know politicians lie, but I can say I've never seen such a 180 degree turn in such a short time! - within a 24-hour period (what does World Jewry have on him? - this looks like a silent BigJew/IC coup d'etat):

  1. "Trump says NATO no longer 'obsolete'";
  2. "Trump Reverses On NATO: "It's No Longer Obsolete"";
  3. "Right now, we’re not getting along with Russia at all. We may be at an all-time low in terms of relationship with Russia. This has built for a long period of time, but we’ll see what happens.", though Trump did back off a bit on the Lügenpresse fantasy of Russian pre-knowledge or even involvement in the al Qaeda gas attack (see also);
  4. "Petraeus and McMaster have Taken Over the NSC, Want Massive Ground War with Syria" (Cernovich);
  5. "Trump Flips On Five Core Campaign Promises In Under 24 Hours" (note that a lot of these turn directly on finding the money to fight Wars For The Jews, up to and including WWIII);
  6. "Trump just made some very strange comments about Stephen Bannon".
What would Mercer think about wasting all this sweet 0.1% money on another War For The Jews?

"Swedish NGO's Head Receives Threats After Claiming White Helmets' Video Fake".

"While Apologizing For Hitler Fiasco, Spicer Says Trump Trying To “Destabilize” Middle East".  For a press secretary, Spicer is not good on his feet, and he is most certainly grasping for words here by parroting the instructions he has overheard from BigJew to the Trump Administration.  Destabilize.

"The Case for Neo Isolationism".  It will always amuse me that Americans think they can afford the luxury of Wars For The Jews, although it is even more hilarious that anybody might still propose the USA as a positive example of anything!

"Why Is Trump Fighting ISIS in Syria?" by Thomas L. Friedman.  One of the most amazing things I've ever read, expressly advocating Yinon by supporting the head loppers:
"America’s goal in Syria is to create enough pressure on Assad, Russia, Iran and Hezbollah so they will negotiate a power-sharing accord with moderate Sunni Muslims that would also ease Assad out of power. One way to do that would be for NATO to create a no-fly safe zone around Idlib Province, where many of the anti-Assad rebels have gathered and where Assad recently dropped his poison gas on civilians. But Congress and the U.S. public are clearly wary of that.

So what else could we do? We could dramatically increase our military aid to anti-Assad rebels, giving them sufficient anti-tank and antiaircraft missiles to threaten Russian, Iranian, Hezbollah and Syrian helicopters and fighter jets and make them bleed, maybe enough to want to open negotiations. Fine with me.

What else? We could simply back off fighting territorial ISIS in Syria and make it entirely a problem for Iran, Russia, Hezbollah and Assad. After all, they’re the ones overextended in Syria, not us. Make them fight a two-front war — the moderate rebels on one side and ISIS on the other. If we defeat territorial ISIS in Syria now, we will only reduce the pressure on Assad, Iran, Russia and Hezbollah and enable them to devote all their resources to crushing the last moderate rebels in Idlib, not sharing power with them."

World Jewry has clearly decided that their 'red line' is Syrian territorial integrity achieved with Iranian help, help which will give Iran even more influence throughout the Shi'ite Crescent, and are prepared to stake everything, and use all blackmail, shekeling, and media control, to block it, and Yinonize Syria.

"Trillary’s Victory".  Interesting bit at the end on Churchill's civilian bombing strategy.  Tweet (Jeffrey Kaye):
"The US firebombing of North Korea was so intense it even sickened Gen. McArthur. 630,000 tons of bombs, mostly napalm dropped by the US"

Watch out for this evil pos Mother Jones writer!

"An Analysis of the Trump-Bartiromo Exchange Which Involved President XI, Chocolate Cake and Missile Strikes".  Tweet (Daniel Dale):
"Here, side by side, is the information provided by the American president and the Chinese president about the same phone call."

Tweet (Ben Norton):
"This call for World War III was tweeted from 7-year-old Bana Alabed's Twitter account, then later deleted.
Now she has a major book deal."

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