Friday, April 07, 2017


And that's how you permanently wreck a presidency.  Even his own most loyal supporters are unified in opposition, with only the Traditional Enemies Of Peace and their Jew-controlled media, blood pouring from their fangs, piling on in enthusiastic support.

"Did Trump Start Taking Orders From Hillary?"  "Trump Launches Airstrike on Syria, Issues Statement: Trump Then and Now – F You Warmongers".  "Trump Has Surrendered. Will Putin be the Next to Surrender?".

"ISIS, Al-Qaeda Praise Trump's Attack".

Tweets (SevenCrimes), including:
"Even if he pulls back, Trump has eroded an enormous amount of trust in him by making hawk policy statements based on an obvious false flag."

Ahem: tweet (Bill Kristol):
"If Pres. Trump takes appropriate action against Assad this #NeverTrumper will of course support him. He's the president, not merely "Trump.""
"You Weren't Paying Attention".  The issue being that the anti-Semite deplorables didn't jump into WWIII quite fast enough.

The concentration camp guard enjoys a victory lap:  "The Trump Administration Appears to Embrace Regime Change in Syria".

"Guaranteed Way to End War".

Tweet (Leith Abou Fadel‏):
"Of all the airbases the US can target in Syria, they target the one installation the Syrian Air Force uses to specifically bomb ISIS"
"All of the times Donald Trump said the U.S. should not intervene in Syria".

Mr. Angry has been appalling throughout this outrage, and apparently got called out on it.  I think I must stop linking to him (his negligent plague-on-both-sides blogging is the equivalent of pure warmongering, and in this obvious case of false flag was nothing short of obscene), but he does isolate the essence of Yinon/Sunnistan in Friedman.

You can literally feel the Khazar joy in the air!

"Is Trump Going to Intervene to Save Al-Qaeda's 'Heartland' in Syria?".

Tweet (Ali Abunimah):
"Paging George Orwell."

This is the most obvious false-flag conspiracy I have ever seen, the only good thing being that so many people - especially the most enthusiastic Trump supporters - are 'woke' (and are specifically identifying the Traditional Enemies Of Peace behind it, and specifically Jared).

Haim doesn't like Jared:  "Look At This Fucking Asshole".  Also:  "Jared Goes To Iraq! A Picture Story" ("Also in 2005, Jared’s dad, Mr. Kushner, was sent to federal prison for tax fraud and campaign finance fraud, after Mr. Kushner “apologized to his sister for hiring a prostitute to seduce her husband, who was cooperating in a federal investigation against him, and then sending her a videotape of the encounter.”").  All this happened after Jared was 'invited' to take a first-hand look at Iraq, and then shivved Bannon.

"Evidence Calls Western Narrative About Syrian Chemical Attack Into Question".  "Deja vu all over again: Obama planned fake chemical weapon attack in 2012" referring to "U.S. 'backed plan to launch chemical weapon attack on Syria and blame it on Assad's regime'".  "BBC redacts article on Idlib to hide unwelcome facts".

"Trump’s War Whoop: a Gulf of Tonkin Moment?"

Early indications are that there is room for Trump to spin this as a one-off 'punishment' for Assad's wrongdoing, particularly as the Russians and thus the Syrians, were warned, so WWIII isn't inevitable, but the damage to Trump's credibility on everything is permanent.
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