Monday, April 03, 2017

Disposable egg accounts

"Following the Money: Russia, Cyprus, and the Trump Team’s Odd Business Dealings".  Much better than most, but note how it is written from the weird American point of view that somehow the world has to bend to American sanctions imperialism.  Serious people around the world regard American exceptionalism and the weird control the Khazars have over the American government as the real problem (odd that American lawfare officials all have to be Khazars).  The banking tricks are the natural result of American overreach, and the overreach doesn't even benefit Americans!

"Behind the Guardian’s “Laundromat” money laundering exposure".  George Soros.  If anybody is the victim here, it is the Russian people, at the hands of the usual culprits of 'The City'.

"Trump Dumps US 16-Year Plan to Topple Mideast States, Ex-Military Official Says".  There's the problem!

The bloviating is interfering with peace, as the Khazars intend:  "Trump takes sabbatical on Russia ties" (see, in stark contrast, "Marine Le Pen has exposed the hoax that is ‘Russiagate’ in one simple yet courageous move").  This does not benefit Americans in any way whatsoever.

"Watching the hearings, I learned my “Bernie bro” harassers may have been Russian bots".  I'm still working out the logic of what ultra-genius Putin might have been trying to do here.  Would hurting snowflake feelings have led to a Bernie win, with the goal of commie Putin the installation of commie Bernie (a man who ultra-genius Putin would have also known would defeat Trump, unlike Clinton)?  Also, if it was Putin and not the 'Bernie bros', where's the abject apology from the Clintonistas to the Sanders campaign, especially given the sexist assumptions made by the Clinton supporters of the nature of Bernie supporters?  With each step it becomes increasingly clear just what kind of bullet Americans dodged with the Trump win.

"Senator Mark Warner is Dead Wrong on Russia by Publius Tacitus".

Tweet (Nina Illingworth) (scroll down for 'Boomer fuckhead Democrats' and 'drunk rich moron'):
"Disposable egg accounts & bot networks that have existed for yrs, "rigged" US election by RETWEETING stories from a station NOBODY watched"

Tweet (Adrian Chen):
"There has been a bad lack of specifics in discussions of russian trolls. Name the accounts, show how they're linked to Russia, or gtfo."
"Storm Clouds Over The White House" (a new low for these formerly respectable Clintonistas).

"Coming Deripaska Case Versus AP May Open Worm Can".  But I suspect there is a real Manafort story, probably centering around Ukrainian oligarchs, and that's why Trump replaced him.

"The Bloodstained Rise of Global Populism".  Utterly wrecked by the addled inclusion of Putin.  What the fuck is wrong with these people?!  Seriously.  Get a grip!

"Eerie Prescience of Donald Trump" (Shamir).

"REPORT: Mike Cernovich Reveals Obama Natl Security Advisor Susan Rice Responsible For Unmasking Trump Team".  Word of the day:  'Unmasking'.  Just like all the Russian allegations, still short on evidence.

"Trump senior adviser Jared Kushner travels to Iraq".  Iraq must be suffering from a lack of slumlords.

"Labour’s Witch-hunt Against Ken Livingstone".  Khazaritis.

"Amsterdam Residents Remove Holocaust Plaque Because It Reminds Them of Jewish Tenant's Murder".  Don't waste a good plaque - melting it down and putting a Nakba victim's name on it might actually help with an ongoing problem (as opposed to propaganda intended to advance the ongoing problem).

"Evidence Indicates French Government Coverup Of ISIS Involvement In Kardashian Paris Incident".  Still smells like insurance fraud to me.

"NDP gave maps, advice and other help to a third-party anti-Liberal group in Ottawa by-election".  Just wondering who funds Fair Vote Canada (i.e., who's paying for my Maidan?).

Remember when smug Americans used to laugh at all the things the Chinese had to do to surf the internet safely, in contrast to the 'land of the free'?:

  1. "How To Protect Your Online Privacy Now That Congress Sold You Out";
  2. "'Just Use A VPN' Isn't A Real Solution To The GOP's Decision To Kill Broadband Privacy Protections";
  3. "Vote to repeal U.S. broadband privacy rules sparks interest in VPNs";
  4. "How to Keep Your Internet Browser History Private".

Tweet (Ben) (better stock up on markers):
"Busy morning so far, updating all my Euros"

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