Sunday, April 09, 2017

Failure rates

"Make America Neocon Again" (Atzmon).  The positive thing is that the 'silent majority' 'morans' - the type who would cheer ' USA USA USA' with each war crime, or at least feel a mild pride at American military might - are now clearly woke, and the Jews have to peddle their wars solely on the back of traitors and snowflakes.  In other words, the old general American understanding was that American wars were good and just, with opposition coming from hippies and 'liberals'; the new understanding is that they are an unmitigated disaster, forced through by traitorous Jews and well-paid shabbos goyim, and the cards are now all out on the table.  In fact, the silly unanimity of the hacks of the Jew-controlled media, blood pouring from their fangs, in supporting a War For The Jews, is now obvious to everybody except, it seems, the Jews themselves.

The Tomahawk failure rate is an issue.  Tweet (Matt Novak):
"RT says only 23 of the 59 Tomahawk missiles launched at Syria hit their targets. CBS says 58 of 59."
The lack of serious damage seems more consistent with the Russian version.  On the other hand:  "After U.S. Strikes Syrian Air Base, Russians Ask: 'Where Were Our Vaunted Air Defense Systems?'"  Did the Russians shoot down half the attack, but let the other half through, so Trump could have his little showpiece?

"Russian military bases in Syria under ‘ensured’ air defense cover — MoD after US strike".

"Multiple UNCONFIRMED reports are spreading that US troops are on the Jordanian border alongside Jordanian special forces and some of the troops have crossed the border into Syria some say with around 20 tanks, no reasons have been given."  Might be something, but the big secret largely obscured by the Jew-controlled media is that this type of thing happens all the time.

"Did We Vote For President Kushner? Is It To Be MAGA Or MIGN!?"  Even the hardest core of the old neocons weren't literally part of the settler movement.  This situation is completely insane!

There are signs that Trump is just a big coward/cuck:  "Luring Trump into Mideast Wars".  The method is that the Jew-controlled media and the beshekeled politicians put pressure on him, and then Jared minces into the room with a cool PowerPoint presentation on how everything can be easily fixed, and Ivanka tells him that he is really a nice guy who has to protect the babies.

This might be the biggest story of the day:  "'Shadow Brokers' give away more NSA hacking tools".  "NSA-leaking Shadow Brokers lob Molotov cocktail before exiting world stage".  Note especially how they tied it to Trumps treasonous betrayals.  More of this, please.

Tweet (Julian Assange):
"Demitri Medvedev statement on U.S. missile strike against Syria has been censored by U.S. media (but was printed in full by most U.K. press)"
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