Sunday, April 16, 2017

'High confidence' / Ted Bundy

"How to bring down the elephant in the room".  Kumbaya solution at the end isn't helpful.  I say be as 'stiff-necked' as the Evil Ones, and always tell the truth, no matter what anyone will tell you about clever tactics.  Their entire hoary mechanism of repression revolves around truth suppression, so my faith in truth telling isn't just mysticism.  The real solution is almost Zen - you have to find ways to exploit the divisions within the monsters, divisions which almost always involve the intellectual fog caused by violent racist supremacism, and turn them against themselves.  Supremacists always break up into factions, with each group thinking it is the supreme amongst supremes, with conflicting strategies to define their own mini-group's superiority (typical is that the 'left-wing' Jews and 'right-wing' Jews are now hilariously pretending to fight over BDS, all turning on the vital issue of which group is more authentically 'Jewish'!).

"Meet The Lawyer Who's Suing Saudi Arabia For Financing The 9/11 Attacks".  The lawfare ambulance chasers are portrayed by the mainstream media, naturally, as heroes.  There are lots of excellent reasons to utterly despise the Saudis, but the fact they were framed for this American operation isn't one of them.  One of the oddities about lawfare is that it was created at a time when World Jewry saw the Gulf States as opponents of Zionism!

"US claims of Syria nerve gas attack: The anatomy of a lie" (Martin).  One thing to remember is that the Americans could not possibly have had sufficient evidence to draw any kind of valid conclusion before they made their attack (an attack utterly illegal under international law even if the Trump story was 100% true, and, needless to say, completely unconstitutional under American law).  Once the attack is made, the structural forces against admitting to a mistake make it impossible to accept any further research done by the killers or their agents.

World Jewry is treating this nonsense as an important part of their usual general murdering and land stealing effort, and we should see this as a sign of weakness and fear that their unimaginably evil aims are being rebuffed by the Syrian people:  "“Experts” coming to Bashar al-Assad’s rescue".  As I noted, it is impossible to conceive of a more on-the-point expert on this issue than Postol (it is telling that they will quibble about Postol's established expertise, but Bellingcat, peering from his basement at photos from the internet, is a world expert on everything).  Of course, no intelligence experts or agencies with a reputation to lose are willing to put their names on the American government lies.

One of our secret advantages is that the Evil Ones assume we are morons.  To be fair, there is much evidence for that, most notably amongst the American exceptionalists.  The cause for optimism is that as the monsters and their shabbos goyim continue to lazily pile on with the same kind of tricks (it is difficult not to notice an unimaginative regurgitation of Ghouta, and the false flags are coming so fast these days - evidence of desperation, not strength - even the most moronic are starting to gasp at the chutzpah), people are catching on.  The general revulsion of the 'silent majority' American people to the latest outrage is proof of that, and something we have to build on.

Remember that false flags are popular with supremacists in part because the fooling establishes their supremacism.  They can't resist over reliance on false flags as they are addicted to the rush of getting one over on the untermenschen.

"Trump Walks Into Syria Trap Via Fake ‘Intelligence’":
"Trump, we are told by gloating NeverTrumpers, has no principles. But so what? His followers do, and they are now an army of dovish “deplorables” whom we are happy to welcome into the anti-interventionist movement. Many are now readers of – and contributors to – this site, and with the War Party on the march, we expect many more to follow in their wake.

The antiwar movement is no longer the preserve of coastal elites, Chomskyite professors, and obnoxious “social justice warriors,” who kept it marginalized, brain-dead, and impotent. The Trump phenomenon, and the subsequent betrayal by a President who was elected on the strength of his resolve to avoid the mistakes of the past, has introduced some much needed ideological diversity into the ranks of anti-interventionists. As my mentor Murray Rothbard proclaimed way back in the early 1990s, “The Old Right is back!”"

"Did Al Qaeda Fool the White House Again?"  The term 'high confidence' is a joke, and means 'we're bluffing and have no confidence at all'.  It is funny how often we see the technique in the Lügenpresse of establishing a lie (like Ghouta), and then repeat the lie years later to give credibility to the most recent lie, even though the first lie had subsequently been disproven!  It reminds me of - you know - using yellowcake to improve your credibility on aluminum tubes!  Of course, one of the main Jew-controlled media techniques is 'proof' through repetition and ubiquity.  Supremacists lack all shame - once they need to pin the next al Qaeda/Turkish gas attack on Assad, they will no doubt use both Ghouta and Khan Shaykun as proof of a pattern!!!

"Australian academics witch-hunted for challenging US lies on Syria attack".  Murdoch.

Calling somebody who questions the Official Story an Assad-lover or a Putin-lover is also telling, as it is all they've got in their quiver, and it is completely circular as the only evidence for this alleged love is questioning the extraordinarily thin American story.  All the evidence for the Official Story comes from al Qaeda (!), and from the Oscar-winning White Helmets!  It is genuinely odd that the witness pool is thin as al Qaeda kills or ransoms any non-allies or even independent journalists found in its territory, yet the hero White Helmets wander around with impunity.

It has been noted by many, as it is obvious, that Assad had no motive for a gas attack, and absolutely no reason to risk the possible repercussions for absolutely no gain.  Posh say the liars, he's a madman just like Saddam, and Gaddafi, and Milošević, and Kim Jong-un, and so on (it is funny how all American enemies happen to have the same mental problems), and is clinically incapable of resisting his psychopathic urges to gas babies and tweak the nose of the American Empire, even if he ends up bayoneted in the rectum for his insanity.  The madman explanation is the only thing that gives the Official Story even the slightest hope of credibility. This mild-mannered ophthalmology student living and studying in London, who unwillingly took the President job due to the unexpected death of his brother, turns out, like all the others, to be just another Ted Bundy!  What a set of psychopath coincidences all around the world!  It sure is lucky that the United States and Israel and Saudi Arabia completely lack this madman problem!
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