Sunday, April 30, 2017

Lying around in the trash

""CORRECTION TO: The French Intelligence Report of April 26, 2017 Contradicts the Allegations in the White House Intelligence Report of April 11, 2017 by Professor Theodore A. Postol" by Publius Tacitus".  Is that meta enough for you?  It is curious that we live in an age where it is common to back up your current lie by referring to a previous lie, one that has subsequently been abandoned as being too obvious a whopper, as if your audience is too dumb, or misinformed, to notice.

The 'half-madman' theory:  "More NYT ‘Spin’ on the Syria-Sarin Case" (Parry):
"The Times and the others also have chided anyone who notes that Assad had no logical reason to undertake a sarin attack since his forces were making solid gains and he had just learned that the Trump administration was dropping the longstanding U.S. goal of “regime change” in Syria.

To those of us outside the mainstream media bubble, there seemed to be little or no military advantage to be gained. Instead,Assad would be risking more international intervention, which has ripped his country apart for the past six years. But the Times and other major outlets dismissed our logic by arguing that Assad was simply announcing his impunity in some particularly brutal Arab-sort-of-way.

However, neither the value that the Times and others placed on the Russian-Syrian timing discrepancies nor the strange explanation of Assad’s motive made any sense. After all, if Assad were making some bizarre public declaration of his impunity, why would he then deny that his forces were responsible for the chemical attack? Wouldn’t he simply say, “yes, I did it and I don’t care what anyone thinks”? Isn’t that what impunity means: that you do whatever you want knowing that no one can hold you accountable? Instead, Assad has consistently denied ordering the attack."

"A Tale of Two Syrian Cities Under Attack Exposes Western Media's Pro-War Hypocrisy".  For Norton critics, this is a stupid, misleading, and completely unfair attack on Sanders.

The spirit of Judy Miller lives in an amazing new production of her greatest hits!:  "NYT's 'Impossible To Verify' North Korea Nuke Claim Spreads Unchecked By Media".

"South Korea Presidential Frontrunner Pledges to Review Divisive THAAD Deployment".  Here, paint this bulls eye on your heads, and oh, here's a bill for the paint.

"A Lot of What You Know About North Korea Is Racist Nonsense".  As you might expect, trying not to get bombed to smithereens (again) by the vicious American exceptionalists gets you universally described as crazy.

"Gilad Atzmon’s attack against me – the ‘merchant of JVP’".  Atzmon has a unique ability to force the lite Zionists to out themselves by pushing exactly the right buttons that will cause a stereotypically shrill and butt-hurt Jewish reaction.  Weiss was stupid to publish this as it cuts to the heart of the problem with his blog, and with lite Zionism generally.

"In 100 Days, A New Jewish Elite Rises Under Trump".  Trump had to hide the visitor logs to the White House as the number of Orthodox Jews pouring through the doors to influence him was causing them to spin like a top (or dirndl).  Hook those doors up to generators and Trump will become the first green President.

Tweet (Milk & Honey Ba'ath):
"Amerikkkan and israeli fascists are so in tune"
"100 more prisoners join strike in Megiddo; Palestinian lawyers announce full boycott of military courts". The hunger strike seems to be really bothering Bibi.  All the easy and obvious demands of the hunger strikers would undermine the power of the Israelis land thieves.

'Ari Rinkus' must be made up by a detective novelist - it is just too good a name to be real:  "The Convicted Con Artist Of The Winter White House" (what's worse is that the Amway connections that got his wife the job make him the honorable one of the couple):
"He recently got pulled over by a young cop, he said. But after he handed over his driver’s license and dared the cop to look him up, the cop returned, apologized, and let him off with just a warning. Rinkus laughed as he finished up the story, and when asked if the cop let him off because he’s affiliated with the Secret Service, he answered, “Yes.”

Pressed for more details on his role in the Secret Service, he said, “I can’t talk about that,” but added that he didn’t just find the pin lying around in the trash.

A spokesman for the Secret Service said that because of the Privacy Act it does not say who is or isn’t an agent, but he added that the agency does not hire convicted felons. He also said the pin Rinkus was wearing is “occasionally” handed out to members of the public as a “goodwill gesture.”"
"NSA Backs Down On Major Surveillance Program That Captured Americans’ Communications Without A Warrant".  "NSA Had Found “Many” Improper Queries On Upstream Us Person Data At Least By 2013".  Out of the blue, after years of illegal activity, with no obvious political pressure on them (the American politicians are all cowed by the blackmail possibilities).

I don't agree with the politics here, but this is an interesting read:  "Solid Gold Study of the 1992 Rodney King Riot".

"WikiLeaks Reveals The "Snowden Stopper": CIA Tool To Track Whistleblowers".  "CIA’s anti-leaking tool leaked as ‘whistleblowers watch the watchers’".  This information may save a few whistle blowers from being discovered.  Note that the development of it was just another enormous waste of money:  "So if you plan to steal some government documents at some point in the near future you may want to ditch Microsoft Word."  There is a discussion in the comments on old printers.
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