Saturday, April 29, 2017

Pharmacare election

It has been long enough now that there is a genre of column of people offering extremely good - party- and country-saving - advice to the Democrats which they know hasn't a hope in hell of being followed or even noticed:  "The Democrats' Davos ideology won't win back the midwest".

"Trump Could Have Broken the Democratic Party".  Trump's been a Democrat all along, and is the sole person standing between the Democrats and utter ruination.

"Why FBI Can’t Tell All On Trump, Russia".  Continuing the bizarre outing of the FBI operation, safe, I guess, because nobody reads this once-sane site.

There's a buried propelling idea, even amongst the writers about dystopia, that history is necessarily progressive.  What if that is not true?  Maybe any progress has been a small blip on the road to disaster.

"Stop Calling Him 'Dr.': The Academic Fraud of Sebastian Gorka, Trump’s Terrorism 'Expert'".  World Jewry is still having trouble with an Islamophobe who is also an anti-Semite, but I'm sure will come down on the side of supporting Islamophobia (with the usual bonus that they can continue to whine about the anti-Semitism).

"Is Wolf Blitzer A Jewish Mother? (must watch)" (Atzmon).  Hilarious example of the typical bullying - you wonder when, or fi, it will ever stop! - that allows Jews to kill people and steal their land.  Note how AIPAC Wolf then slides into the attack on Russia, the current Jewish obsession.  Poor Sean!  You can actually see the blood pouring off Wolf's long Khazar fangs.

"The Trump Administration, Israel, and North Korea" (Alexis).  I know this noticing things is currently frowned upon  . . .

"Tillerson and the State Department ‘Ghost Ship’".  Tillerson has been the biggest disappointment of the Trumpists.  Sure, he's dedicated his entire life to doing Absolute Evil, but the hope was that he, notably unlike all the others in the Trump cabinet, was an adult who lived in the real would, and might conduct himself with a slight cognizance of facts.  Sadly, no  . . .  Still, the ideal is a State Department with no employees, and we should be cheering any efforts to that wonderful goal.

Also:  "Tillerson puts Nikki Haley in her place. Tells her to clear comments with State Department".  A perfect example of the kind of ditz who only has her job because of her e-x-t-r-e-m-e blackmailability.

"Israeli diplomat: Settlement issue 'overblown'".

"NYT Randomly Goes Rogue, Publishes Piece Detailing (((King Kushner’s))) Shady Business Empire".  Comment by Marcus Cicero:  "It’s insane – Kushner’s dealings read like Julius Streicher wrote them himself as part of a cartoon script."

"Will Trump Release The Missing JFK Files?"  No.  The CIA clearly thinks it still has something to hide, and if we've learned anything about Trump it is that he is the CIA's bitch.

"Sun ‘exposes racism in Russia’ with video of nazi Ukrainian football fans".

"Premier Kathleen Wynne hints at expanding pharmacare to all ages in Ontario — eventually".  "Duelling drug plans set stage for pharmacare election in Ontario".  The paradox of extreme unpopularity coupled with a burning desire to be reelected leads to some peculiar, long overdue, outcomes.  A pharmacare election, with the conservatives deservedly squeezed out, would be perfect.
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