Thursday, April 06, 2017

Steve Bannon versus The Apocalypse

Crazy as it might seem, it is starting to appear that the future of the United States, and the very lives of many of its citizens, turns on the waxing and waning of the influence of Steve Bannon in Trump's Administration.  Bannon carries with him the burden of Mercer's strange 'libertarianism' (the word used by the 0.1% for their peculiar form of psychopathic assholeism), and some bizarre mysticism, but he understands, at least intellectually, the suffering of the American people, and the vital importance of the two main issues separating the United States, and many Americans, from The Apocalypse:  1) detente with Russia (no WWIII), and 2) no more Wars For The Jews.  The obsession of the Jew-controlled media with Bannon is a tribute to his importance as the pivot on which the United States lives or dies.

When I see a Bannon demotion coupled with Trump musing about the false-flag Syrian civilian attack and a consequent War For The Jews to enforce Yinon in Syria, I see the Great Bargain presented by World Jewry to Trump (quite possibly literally presented by in-house traitor/slumlord Jared) - give us our Wars For The Jews, and we will drop the Russia attacks on you in our Jew-controlled media, and order our beshekeled Democrat toadies to do the same.  As insane as these attacks sound, they appear to be really troubling Trump (there has been literally nothing of negative importance dug up, but Trump may fear the CIA is holding evidence of some big financial improprieties, with money laundering through real estate as the most likely issue).

Despite the fact that the vocabulary required to describe the real world is utterly proscribed - you can't say Yinon, or Wars For The Jews, or Jew-controlled media - there is considerable anecdotal evidence that the American victims of the consequences of Jewish supremacism have indeed put the pieces together.  Bannon understands that these issues aren't just some far-away conflicts that real Americans will never feel.  It is a matter or life and death that Bannon prevail.

When I first read about the latest ridiculous false-flag chemical attack blamed on Assad by the usual suspects - particularly striking given that the numbers killed are such a small percentage of the number the US habitually kills around the world, and the fact that the propagandists have been regularly proven to be liars, even on the very same issue (!) - my first reaction was to wonder why the no-hopers keep wasting their time.  But this was a big conspiracy, with many steps:

  1. The head-loppers/human organ eaters had to have been ordered to commit a mass civilian slaughter (right up their alley, but hardly worth the specific effort at this time, particularly as they have been kettled and are awaiting their own slaughter, but an inevitable slaughter than might be avoided with American involvement); and
  2. the usual propagandists had to gear up to obtain the 'evidence', and propagate the lies; and
  3. the - um - 'humanitarians' (also) (also!!!) had to pile on; and
  4. the Great Bargain had to have been presented to Trump, with the casus belli in a big blue and white bow.

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