Friday, April 21, 2017


"Sorry, No War in North Korea".  I think this is a given, except that it is only American exceptionalism which would lead anybody to conclude that the North Korean regime would be replaced.  The North Korean strategy over decades has been to dig in and survive just long enough that it can inflict enough damage on South Korea and Japan that the Americans would have to back off before trillions of dollars of the world economy disappears.

"Background on USS Carl Vinson – Saga by LeDahu".

"Today’s Blind Items – Quick Hits".  #2 is about Jason Chaffetz, the Jew who passes as a Mormon to hold a seat in Utah (!), and who disappeared in a flash.  Mensch!  DNC!!

"Paris attack could strengthen Le Pen heading into Sunday vote".  "Champs-Elysees attack: Perfect timing, for some".  Maybe, but there are way too many moving pieces for anybody to be confident of how this may play out.  For example, this could improve the chances of a Le Pen-Mélenchon run off that Mélenchon would win, the exact opposite of what the rich fascists would want.

"RASHIDEEN MASSACRE: Children Lured to their Slaughter by NATO State Terrorists".  The ignored massacre, except when the Jew-controlled media insinuates Assad did it!

"Russia Stands Firmly by Syria, Will Boost Ties With Lebanon".  The American shabbos goyim have yet to come to grips with the stark reality that Putin has no wiggle room on this - Sunni-stan is an existential threat to Russia.

"Trump is Like the Weather: Wait a Day and His Foreign Policy Position Will Change".  The Dilbert guy will no doubt write volumes about how clever this is (he seems to be using his Trump-predicting notoriety to sell some product), but I imagine American allies are nervous that one of these bluffs might blow up with unintended consequences.

"Unnamed Sources Tell CNN Fake News: U.S. Officials Preparing Charges Against Julian Assange".  The Americans have always pretended that Assange's problems turned entirely on the Swedish legal system, but after the American stooge lost in Ecuador, it may be they are fearing:

  1. Swedish cold feet over the cumulative effect of the massive national embarrassment caused by this persecution; and/or
  2. possible legal ramifications, post-Brexit, of the imprisonment system they have fashioned using the EU.
On the other hand, Trump wouldn't be President were it not for WikiLeaks, and such a betrayal would ruin his brand.

"Tillerson’s Vague Plan for Syria has Serious Flaws".  There is still only one choice - either you let the Syrian government and its allies de-terrorize Syria, or you effectively promote an ISIS state.  The Jews still demand Sunni-stan, which explains the lingering American support of ISIS in Syria and elsewhere, despite what Trump sometimes claims:  "Trump’s Indonesian Allies In Bed With Isis-Backed Militia Seeking To Oust Elected President".  Of course, Trump is just following long-standing American policy of messing with Indonesia.

"Israel is mad and sad because Western leaders have yet to start World War III in Syria" (Alexis).

"Why Not a Probe of ‘Israel-gate’?" (Parry).  Parry is so good, and consequently somewhat marginalized despite the historical importance of his reporting, as he has always been willing to write the inconvenient truth.  This column is a keeper.

"How Israel Swindled Its Way to an Atomic Bomb".

"Russia questions watchdog’s swift identification of sarin in Syria chemical incident".  "Chlorine, Not Sarin, Was Used In The Khan Sheikhun Incident".  No proper chain of custody as the al-Qaeda-controlled site is too dangerous for outsiders to visit.  You would think that international 'experts' would refuse to sanction tainted test results which ruin their reputation as scientists, but anybody can be bought.

Shekel news:  "Tillerson and Haley’s trash-talk on Iran was brought to you by Sheldon Adelson".  Still, the swagger and bluster doesn't hide the fact that Trump has in fact backed down from his most ridiculous campaign positions on Iran.  It seems clear that World Jewry has retreated to its 'red line' position that Iran must be limited in its sway over de-terrorized Syria.

"A Sad Day for Turkey".  The main problem is that this creates a problem that will have to be fixed, and the only way to fix it is yet another coup d'etat.  Another issue is that the vote appeared to become a big 'fuck you' from Islamists to the West (see what victims of Islamophobia think), yet the result was exactly what the leaders of the West wanted.

"Yikes! New Behind-the-Scenes Book Brutalizes the Clinton Campaign" (Taibbi).  "Hillary's 2016 Strategy Against Trump in Michigan: Don't Mention the Election!" (Sailer).  Two things:

  1. the false economies which loom so large in the places where she lost - a problem which continues, though now for the purely anti-progressive motives of the DNC - come out of Killary's belief that she lost to Obama due to improper marshalling of resources; and
  2. her excuse of email ditziness in defending her hiding her emails while Secretary of State is utter rubbish, as she had issued sophisticated email-related orders over finding the supposed traitors in her 2008 nomination loss.
Tweet (Bradd Jaffy):
"Trump picks Scott Brown as U.S. ambassador to New Zealand

This was the headline in New Zealand's largest newspaper when rumors first leaked"
Tweet (WikiLeaks):
"Obama just 'endorsed' Macron. Previously ordered CIA hack French presidential candidates & steal their strategies: …"

Tweet (William Huw) (I removed mangled internal link):
" … Otto_English: How political hackery works. Two tweets just 20 minutes apart."
I assume everybody is 'woke' to the fact that May's snap election is just part of the campaign of World Jewry to replace Corbyn.
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