Sunday, May 28, 2017

Apparently a criticism

"When Intelligence Isn't - By Patrick Armstrong".  Current standards of 'intelligence assessments'.

"Alleged suicide bomber’s father arrested as he expresses doubts over son’s involvement".  In Libya.

"Was Egypt’s Coptic bus attack a smoke screen?"  Another 'retaliation' which seems to have nothing to do with the attack.

""Anatoly, you will not believe what the idiots proposed to me!" (Dramatization)".  US government tells Putin his communications are insecure.  Possibly.  The comments raise a lot of other possibilities.

"Saudi Arabia And UAE Block Qatari Media Over Emir's Israel, Iran Comments".  Tweet (Sam Tamiz):
"Saudi accuses Qatar's royal family of being unrelated to the founder of Wahhabism, which is apparently a criticism…"
"Travis Kalanick Loses His Mother in a Tragic Boating Accident".  Hmm.
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