Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Fairy tale warnings

The best thing about the Trump-giving-secrets-to-the-Russkies story is the insight it provides to the usual backroom intelligence bullshit.  The warning from Trump was to watch out for bombs planted by ISIS in laptops on airplanes (when you think about it, a rather decent thing for Trump to have done to save Russian lives if the intelligence was real), exactly the kind of story the Israelis would claim to have obtained through their exclusive intelligence channels in some Middle Eastern city - you know, the usual nonsense that the Khazars have some kind of magical and unique insights into the secrets of the Arabs - in order to continue to build the War On Terror used to advance Khazar Kholonialism, while also increasing the irrational fear of Muslims.  The stories all come with a warning that their magic will dissipate, and the source dry up, if they are told to anyone else, which seems, appropriately, like a warning in a fairy tale.
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