Tuesday, May 30, 2017


"Jeremy Corbyn’s Surprising Gains".  It is a typical stupid American perspective to see Corbyn as like Sanders.  Corbyn is far, far, far to the left of Sanders economically, and as far as foreign policy goes, well, suffice it to say that no blood pours from Corbyn's fangs.  The similarity is that both are holding their own despite a massive conspiratorial campaign by Pure Evil in their respective countries to ensure they cannot win.

Helping a lot is that May seems to have decided that running Killary's campaign over again would be a good idea.  Of course, if either of them has any contact with a real human being in public, the race is lost, a considerable problem in pretending to campaign.  May's big advantage over Killary is that she is not, as far as I can tell, clinically dead, but she seems unable to profit by it.

The conspiratorial attempt to permanently remove Corbyn from British politics (by BigJew/Bliar), as opposed to just the conventional attempt to win a majority, is backfiring big time, with an unstable minority Tory government more and more likely, and the subsequent prospect of Corbyn prevailing in the following election.  Oy veh!

I can't help but be reminded of the Manning-Harper machinations to permanently remove the Liberals from the equation in Canadian politics.  By any measure, a spectacular failure (though Harper did succeed in moving the goal posts of Canadian politics well to the right).  Part of the big plan was to hide the most socially retrograde parts of the Conservative platform.  After 13 (!) ballots, the Canadian Conservatives have just picked, as their new leader, an unabashed Christian holy-roller (picked over the libertarian and attempts at Trump-style comic populism).  Unless the NDP can come up with something - unlikely - Trudeau is Canadian PM fo'evah.
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