Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Grabher Jehad

"Was Israel behind US laptop ban on Mideast airlines?":
"The purported Israeli intelligence in question reportedly concerns ISIL's newly acquired capability to hide sophisticated bombs inside laptop computers.

This information is said to have led the US government declaring the ban last March on all large electronic devices on board airlines coming to the US from eight Muslim-majority nations.

The ban affects nine companies: Royal Jordanian Airlines, EgyptAir, Turkish Airlines, Saudi Airlines, Kuwait Airways, Royal Air Maroc, Qatar Airways, Emirates, and Etihad Airways.

All of these airlines have direct flights to the United States and pose strong competition to American aviation companies, especially during the busy summer season.

Former CIA case officer John Kiriakou expressed scepticism about Israel's ability to obtain highly sensitive intelligence of this nature about ISIL.

"If it was the Jordanians or the Turkish intelligences services who have done that, it might make more sense because these organisations have a long history of dealing with groups like ISIL," Kiriakou told Al Jazeera on Tuesday.

"I won't be surprised if it turned out that Israel acted in its own interests to disrupt the Middle Eastern airlines business by throwing its own wrench into the whole thing," he said."
"Why Washington Took al-Qaeda in Syria Off the Terrorist List":
". . . The reason the US cannot designate al-Qaeda in Syria as a terrorist group is because that would make the US legally responsible for having supplied a terrorist group with extremely sophisticated weapons and training. The US is arming and training terrorists in Syria, but instead of just getting out it is pretending that al-Qaeda is not a terrorist organization."
"How Two Prominent Liberal Writers’ Feud Spilled Out To The Public".  Tweets by CreamsicleDemonPrez‏.  Two dicks rolling in the muck:  "Did Paul Berman Tell Us So?"

Short history of the FBI, "America’s extralegal secret police":  "Russia Blog #6: The FBI Has No Legal Charter But Lots Of Kompromat" (Ames).  Reminds me of Israel - you show up with violence passing yourself off as an organ of government or a country, and establish yourself just by continuing to pose as legitimate.

"Senior member of Trump team said to tell Israelis: Western Wall is not your territory".  The Trumpian serendipity means that odd truths pop out from time to time.

"Ignored By Western Media, Syrians Describe the Nightmare the Armed Opposition Brought Them".

"Rabbi Metzger enters prison to begin serving his sentence".  It is a religion where it is considered perfectly normal for all the top religious leaders to be crooks.

"Bernard-Henri Levy Gets Pied in Belgrade, Attempts to Assault a Man [Video]".  So common you have to wonder if he sets this up himself as part of his dangerous clown act.

"Master of Cambridge college admits causing 'hurt' to Jewish students over misleading anti-Semitism inquiry".  Note that there appears to have been an altercation, but, as usual, the 'anti-Semitism' is based entirely on unproven allegations.  The most recent Mossad Brain-Tumor-Boy phony anti-Semitism operation has (finally) created a boy-who-cried-wolf atmosphere around this vicious supremacist group that uses false cries of victimhood to enable them to kill people and steal their land.

"France’s Macron dumps parliamentary candidate after Israel lobby pressure".  "Senator on Intelligence Committee says Jews in Diaspora are spies for Israel".

"How Israeli schools help sabotage peace prospects".  A charming people.

"Hillary Clinton Returns to L.A. for Dinner Event at Home of Haim Saban (EXCLUSIVE)".  Owned Together.

"Blair allies plot new party to replace ‘dead horse’ Labour" - donors, ahem, 'donors', are standing by.  Are the British people alive to the fact that the unbearable massive suffering about to be imposed on them is all due to the machinations of one tiny group of people (khough, khough) who have very specific reasons to fear Corbyn?

"Ontario to consider boosting minimum wage to $15, increasing paid sick days".  Trying to win the next election.

Steampunk Don.  "Nova Scotia’s Lorne Grabher takes fight for personalized licence plate to court".  Jehad got to keep his in Ontario.
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