Monday, May 08, 2017

Insecure voters seeking authenticity

"French Presidential Election 2017: Nothing Succeeds Like Success. Macron “Selected”. Billionaires and Bankers Rejoice".  "France has just been literally taken over by the banking mafia".

"How the French Media Turned Emmanuel Macron Into a Presidential Candidate".

I'm not seeing this election as an outlier, but part of the trend towards very insecure voters seeking authenticity.  Macron's in-your-face Rothschildism made him more, not less, authentic, and Le Pen, a princess who has hobnobbed with the Vichy Right her entire life, is a phony populist.  A Macron vote is a vote to stab yourself in the front, where you can see it coming.  Just as Sanders would have beaten Trump, Mélenchon would have beaten Macron, so the key is somehow surmounting the back-room machinations of the bad guys (Le Pen continuing to take up space in the French political spectrum, while being almost unelectable, is going to continue to be a problem).  Hillary (and Brexit) proves that they can outsmart themselves.

This is completely - spectacularly, even - wrong, an American exceptionalist insult to French voters:  "Macron’s rout of Le Pen shows how Trump is hurting Rightwing Populists".  Voters saw Trump as being who he said he was, a billionaire, sure, but a billionaire too crass to be one of the club, and thus one willing to bend his own class interests to save the country.  It turned out that Trump's easy blackmailability destroyed the hope he promised, but it wasn't a foolish calculation to choose the seemingly authentic populist, rather than the scheming Hillary (WikiLeaks wrecked Hillary by providing the factual basis to directly challenge her authenticity).
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