Monday, May 01, 2017

IQ of a houseplant

"Gazprom plans to begin laying Turkish Stream in summer".

"US Feds Won’t Reveal Reason For Throwing Journalist in Jail".  "Barrett Brown Re-Arrested For Giving Media Interviews Without Permission".  "Formerly Imprisoned Journalist Barrett Brown Taken Back Into Custody Before PBS Interview".

"Free Mumia Abu-Jamal! The Potential Reopening of Mumia’s Appeals".

Human shields for the Kurds:  "“U.S. Patrolling Syrian Border to Stop Turk-Kurd Clashes” - TTG".  "All In the Mix: of Sultans, Spooks & Sarin".

"Yes, giving money to very poor people will make their lives better — just ask Ecuador".  "Ecuador After Correa".

"Why Brazil Is Striking on Friday".  Prediction:  Temer is going to die in jail.

"How Sick Is the Dalai Lama?".

"German-Israeli relations in crisis".  Nonsense theater.  Note how the Germans emasculated the UNESCO resolution to Zionize it:  "Tensions Between Israel and Germany Intensify Over Critical UNESCO Resolution".

"Labour donor vows to stand against Jeremy Corbyn in general election in the leader's own seat".  'Donor'.  Anybody reading this blog will know that the entire British election is a Zionist stunt to remove Corbyn, as he is regarded as both dangerously electable and legitimately anti-Zionist.

"No, the NSA Has NOT Stopped Spying On Americans’ Emails".

"David Ignatius’ 15 Years of Running Spin for Saudi Regime":
"Ignatius begins by doing something a lot of “reformer” boosters do in Saudi Arabia: conflating “economic reform” with social reform. The latter is typically the neoliberal lubricant to get to what really matters, the further privatization and leveraging of Saudi’s immense wealth. Indeed, the only social reforms even mentioned in the glowing report are “a Japanese orchestra that included women” performing to “mixed audience,” and a co-ed Comic Con. Perhaps by 2025 they’ll have mixed-gender D&D tournaments."

"When It Comes to Iran, Trump & Company Ignore Facts by Publius Tacitus".  From a comment by Tigermoth on Yinon:  "This is becoming less covert than in the past, as indicated by US Defense Secretary wearing a lapel pin with both the American and Israeli flags "crossed" during his press conference in Israel."

"Iranian TV CEO Assassinated In Istanbul".

The Khazar settlement project as applied in NYC:  "‘Anti-Semitic’ NY city council candidate says more anti-Semitic things":
"Lopez-Pierre alleged that there was a scheme among Jewish landlords in Harlem to take investment money from Israel, buy apartment buildings in the historically black neighborhood and push tenants out.

“These Jewish landlords are using their ownership to engage in ethnic cleansing of black and Latino tenants,” he said. And he added that Jewish journalists choose not to report on it."

"'Hasidic Jewish landlord trying to rid Brooklyn apartment building of Latino tenants,' lawsuit alleges".  Any relation to Slumlord Jared's pal Raz?:  "Kushner sealed NY real estate deal with help from Israeli millionaire — report".

"The Creepy History of French “Establishment” Candidate’s Marriage".

Concern trolling Russian corruption:  "Russia’s Neo-Feudal Capitalism".  Also:  "At Reuters, ‘Not Refuting’ Is the Same as ‘Seeing’".

"Sebastian Gorka to accept role outside White House"  (another scalp for the Khazar trophy case, which must be filled to bursting):
"The source said Gorka's only known duties included speaking on television about counterterrism, as well as "giving White House tours and peeling out in his Mustang," but added that he had few notable responsibilities."

Tweet (Adam H. Johnson):
"this bit is still funny"
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