Thursday, May 18, 2017

Mosul University

Tweet (Kris Van Cleave):
"CBS News has learned the laptop bomb that may evade airport scanners was built and tested by ISIS at Mosul University"
So, the Israelis with ISIS in Mosul is the big secret we're not supposed to know about.

Curious that the Americans seem to have discovered ISIS explosive research on their own, without Israeli help:  "U.S. believes ISIS' bomb-making research includes new generation of explosives".

"Mosul University after ISIL: Damaged but defiant":
"The Iraqi special forces who retook the campus said that parts were repurposed as weapons production facilities.

"There are chemical weapons there," Brigadier-General Sami al-Aradi told Al Jazeera. "We've cordoned off the laboratories until we can find out exactly what ISIS were doing."

Other buildings believed to have been used as weapons workshops or ISIL barracks were destroyed by coalition air strikes. Most of the remaining facilities appeared to have been torched by ISIL fighters themselves."
I wonder what the Israelis could tell the Americans about ISIS chemical weapons.

Priorities tweet (Alan Derschowitz):
"Don't let the Comey story distract from the far more serious if inadvertent disclosure of Israeli intel sources and methods."

Since Mosul is being liberated, how are Israeli agents endangered by Trump's helpful humanitarian advice to the Russians?
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