Friday, May 26, 2017

Nutjobistan / Barryopticon

The Seth Rich assassination continues to generate considerable push-back from the bad guys, including a bizarre attack on Kim Dotcom:  "Open Letter from Kim Dotcom".

"The life and death of the Seth Rich conspiracy theory".  Note how convoluted the conspiracy theories constructed to defeat the Rich conspiracy theory have become.  As usual, it not a question of believing the conspiracy, it is a question of choosing which conspiracy to believe.  Do you think Kim Dotcom would have left his digital fingerprints over a clumsy attempt to inject himself into the story?

"How the murder of a DNC staffer turned into a right-wing conspiracy".  Ad hominem attack.  Rich is still very dead, with bullets in the back, a 'robbery' in which nothing was taken, and the people who would know have as much as said the leaker was Rich, and we now know that a possible motive for the leak was his anger at the illegal and immoral treatment by the DNC of Sanders' campaign.  This isn't complicated.

Hilarious that this is in the Guardian!:  "Manchester conspiracy theories reflect the price we pay for social media".  The standard procedure is to make a straw man out of the wackiest conspiracy found on the internet, and use that to stifle any deep consideration of root causes and obvious solutions.  Clearly, the constant use of Sunni nutjobs as western proxy soldiers in the innumerable Wars For The Jews is going to cause this very problem, of necessity, and all the traitor bureaucrats involved are fully aware of that, and are happy about it, but it makes no sense for May to have set up this particular attack for political gain.  I'm certain she would murder a million children in cold blood for one extra vote, but Corbyn's sensible position on the Wars For The Jews - of course he can't call them that! - means this attack wasn't a winner for her.  False flag is when you specifically order and arrange the 'terrorist' attack, and we've seen lots of that (it is the trademark Jewish move), but this is a step less than full false flag, the case of the statistical certainty that these Sunni nutjobs will return from the battlefields to which they have been sent by western governments even angrier and crazier than before, and will continue their jihad domestically, but unpredictably.

Tweet (Dr. Brian May):
"How interesting that this tweet was deleted.   One wonders what pressure was brought to bear.  To avoid the stench of blame ?   Bri"

The latest theory about Mensch is that she is a covert supporter of Trump, creating such awful and incompetent stories against him that people will turn to him in sympathy.

McMaster on the outs?

Treason corner:  "Don’t Fear President Pence, Liberals. Welcome Him." and "The Case For President Pence".  Trump was very unenthusiastic about Pence, and I'm sure was sold only on the theory that Pence would be impeachment/assassination insurance, a prospective President so disastrous that even the treasonous Democrats wouldn't want him.  He underestimated the treason of the Clintonistas.

"Joe Lieberman Withdraws Name From FBI Nomination".  BigJew has tried to push so many incompetent Zionists into Trump's cabinet by floating them in their Jew-controlled media as front-runners that their stunts should be obvious to everybody.

"Trump: dancing with wolves on the Titanic".  There is still some room for optimism due to Bannon's benign influence and Trump's innate caution.  Both the attack on the Syrian airport and the recent attack on militias in Syria were muted signals sent for show, the first with warnings and very little damage, and the second avoiding the Syrian Arab Army or its foreign allies.  It is as if he is throwing pieces of raw steak into the cages of the rabid dogs - the Traditional Enemies Of Peace - and their constant whining for war.  The Jewish concept of Sunni-stan is failing due to the natural opposition of Jordan and Iraq, neither of whom want Nutjobistan as a next-door neighbor.

"A Palestinian’s first-class seat next to Naftali Bennett".  Nobody in the Jew-controlled media dares mention it, but the big thing not said in Trump's visit to Bibi is moving the embassy.

"The Fix Is In; Nato Is Out".  Now that slumlord Jared - he's a walking 'anti-Semitic' cliché - is being investigated, will Bannon rise in stature?  This utterly superb Trump positioning feels Bannonesque.

Did you notice the sudden drying up of concern trolling over the deaths of Syrian civilians in the Jew-controlled media?:  "US On Track To Kill More Syrian Civilians Than Russia For 5th Straight Month".

George seems to have purchased some PR on the claims he tried to influence the Canadian election using a charitable front, and we all know he'd never do such a thing.

"American Guns Drive the Migrant Crisis That Trump Wants to Fix With a Wall".

The big Barryopticon story broke, the big American story of the year so far, and essentially invisible in the mainstream media, as it doesn't fit The Narrative about the sainted Barry, now taunting Trump in Europe.

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