Friday, May 12, 2017

Propellor on top

"Danny Sjursen: America's Wars and the "More" Strategy".  Bombing so hard the MIC can't keep up, but no mention of any of this in the mainstream media.  Note comment by Exiled off mainstreet.

"Culprit behind 2014 CIA hack turned out to be … the CIA".

"NYU Accidentally Exposed Military Code-Breaking Computer Project To Entire Internet".  This piece fells like some kind of intelligence operation.

"The Imperative of Replacing Google and Facebook" (Cartalucci).

"Executing Palestinians is Israeli policy".  "Israeli police teach 5th-graders how to shoot a terrorist".

"Ramat Hasharon Mayor Threatened By Jewish Extremist Group".

"BBC left red-faced after a desperate hunt for anti-Corbyn Labour voters leads directly into a trap [IMAGES]".

"Maxine Waters' incoherent explanation for how Hillary Clinton would've handled Comey".

Tweet (Toby Earle):
"The White House has announced Chet Americanman as the new director of the #FBI."

Among but not in the bushes.

"Meet The Jewish Attorney General Helping to Lead The Resistance against Trump".

"White Cop Sues City, Chief for Racism: Says He’s Part Black".  "Know Your White Supremacist Hand Signals!".  "Louis Farrakhan: Israel Is Not ‘Home To The White Jew’".

Tweet (Sarah Fox):
"Quick while we don't have a FBI Director, copy all the VHS tapes you have! No one can stop you!"
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