Friday, May 19, 2017

The Khoup

"Fast and Furious: Now They're Really Gunning for Trump" (or here).  Names the real perp!  Again, going back to first principles, the basis of all of this is preserving the 'donor' funding model enjoyed by the Democrats while removing Russia as an impediment to Yinon and the building of Greater Israel.  Behind the scenes, the Khazars are in a frenzy caused by the success of the Syrian government, both as a thwarting of their Yinon plans for Syria and aa a demonstration that positive winning steps can be taken by determined actors to defeat Zionism (the Astana zones are already working to free up the Syrian army for de-terrorization efforts, which are accelerating towards an end of the terrorist occupation of Syria).

"The Democratic game plan is evident."

Do Americans really want this?  It seems to be a big decision - accept the Khazar Khoup arranged by the IC and thus live in what is really an IC dictatorship primed to start WWIII (literally for the sole benefit of actual traitors, careerists in the IC, bribed Democrat apparatchiks, and a tiny, tiny group of land thieves and murderers known as Khazars), or preserve the constitutional democratic republic.  Never have the stakes and issues been as clear.

To fix this, Trump needs to go back to the people.  He needs to stop breaking his clear campaign promises, and get the energy to do so by starting a big and ongoing series of huge rallies across the country.  He needs to start talking, at least in coded words, about the real issues and real traitors involved here, and the repercussions if the traitors succeed, and ask the American people if that is what they really want.
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