Monday, May 22, 2017

The Swedes

"Getting Assange: the Untold Story" (Pilger).

"Assange: The Amazing Adventures of Captain Neo in Blonde Land…".

"Bonnier family".  In case you were wondering if the you-know-whos were involved, well yes, yes they were!

"Sture Bergwall" aka Thomas Quick.

 Claes Borgström, who was pivotal in setting up the CIA operation against Assange through his friend Ny (an operation which had already died on the vine in the hands of honest Swedish officials who correctly concluded there was no legal case to be made), is officially the world's worst defense attorney!:  "Quick’s defence lawyer in most of the trials, Claes Borgström, never challenged the veracity of the prosecution evidence, happy enough to go along with the general opinion of Quick, and, we imagine, with his client’s instructions.".  He let the whole railroading slide through despite the fact that the forensics wasn't a match for his client, who also had cast-iron alibis for some of the crimes!  That sort of conduct would get you disbarred in many functioning places.

Claes had a law partner named Thomas Bodström, who oddly headed for the US for substance abuse rehab (it does seem a little too much fun for him to have taken that 'rehab' in Langley!):
"Not only Petersson, but also Minister of Justice Thomas Bodström and then Foreign Minister Anna Lindh knew about the renditions.[vii] Thomas Bodström spent a year in the US between 2010 – 2011, purportedly for rehabilitation in connection with alcohol and substance abuse, while he was a partner in the legal firm Borgström & Bodström. It would be lax not to point out to readers that Claes Borgström is the lawyer who was called upon to prosecute Julian Assange over allegations that had previously been dismissed. Further, Borgström is known to be friendly with Irmeli Krans, the police interrogator who took SW’s original statement against Assange. Irmeli Krans, in turn, is friendly with the other complainant, AA, who, it is said, illegally sat in on Irmeli Krans’ interview of SW."

From 2009, for the CIA connection:  "Bodström reported over CIA terror deportations".

"Assange legal shakeup: Prosecutor walks, Supreme Court judge to speak out on case":  "Ardin charged that Borgstrom was more interested in being in the media spotlight than providing her legal counsel, and has often referred her inquiries to his secretary or assistant."

"Revealed: Assange ‘rape’ accuser linked to notorious CIA operative".

"Accuser of WikiLeaks' Assange is linked to Cuban dissidents".

"Sex accusers boasted about their 'conquest' of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange".
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