Wednesday, May 10, 2017

This is a very dark and perilous moment

Funny that the posturing/grandstanding Clintonistas were handed exactly the result they said they wanted by Trump (and to rub it in, for exactly the reason they said they wanted it!), but now it is another scandal:  "Into the Abyss: Trump Fires Comey":
"There is only one reasonable conclusion that can be drawn from the decision to fire Comey: that there is grave wrongdoing at the center of the Russia scandal and that it implicates the President. As I write this, I have a difficult time believing that last sentence myself. But sometimes you have to step back from your assumptions and simply look at what the available evidence is telling you. It’s speaking clearly: the only reasonable explanation is that the President has something immense to hide and needs someone in charge of the FBI who he believes is loyal. Like Jeff Sessions. Like Rod Rosenstein.

This is a very dark and perilous moment."
See also: "Lecturing Clinton About ‘Taking Responsibility’ For Her Defeat is Bizarre".  Never forget the context that this is always about preserving the 'donor' model.

"Look at this human rights director (since 1993) how polemical he gets in his langue but only about foes of US".

"The Berezovsky Trap Revisited: The Israel Connection".

Now No. 1:  "FBI No. 2 did not disclose wife's ties to Clinton ally, records show".

"WikiLeaks Offers to Hire James Comey After Trump Fired Him".

Trump continues to run the United States like it was just another reality show.

"Confirmed by OPCW: Terrorists Used Illegal Chemical Weapons in Aleppo–Organisation Refuses to Investigate Alleged False Flag Attack in Idlib".  "al-Qaeda Leader Praises White Helmets As “Hidden Soldiers Of The Revolution”".

"Israel Worried Over Russian Reconnaissance Plane in Syria [Video]".

"Lockheed Martin-Funded Experts Agree: South Korea Needs More Lockheed Martin Missiles".  People around the world who aren't Jewish Israelis are realizing that these 'defensive' weapons, apart from the environmental dangers and the massive costs, actually increase the risk to civilians of dying in war by making it seem that war is riskless, thus decreasing its political costs..

"Venice bans kebab shops to 'preserve decorum' of city".  "Fake ‘kosher’ cheese at kids’ camps leads to criminal charges".  "Norwegian party votes to ban ritual circumcision, Belgian measure targets ritual slaughter".  Surprising that local franchisees are allowed to so wreck the international brand:  "‘Pizza Hut’ and Israeli army radio join in grotesque attacks on Marwan Barghouti".  "Coca-Cola 'donated thousands of dollars' to extremist Zionist group".

French election news:  "38 Year-old Married Mother Arrested for Sex With Boy, 14, ‘As Many as 15 Times’".
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