Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Victory means imposing your will on your enemy

"The Dukes, Their Tax Breaks & An £8million Annual Subsidy".  It always funny how the most important things - in this case, relics of actual feudalism, legally protected ancient (and ongoing) thefts - are never mentioned.

Nicely written rant:  "The Democratic Party Is a Ghost".

"The McCarthyism of Russia-gate".  Remember this is entirely to protect the lucrative 'donor' model of Zionist control of the Democratic Party.

Ha!:  "Here’s Why Some Immigrant Activists Say Not Even Criminals Should be Deported":
"For activists like Pablo Alvarado, executive director of the National Day Laborer Organizing Network, deportation even of convicted criminals ends up sowing chaos in places with weaker criminal justice systems such as Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador. And that, he said, causes more people there, including victims of crime, to flee those countries."

"White House advisors called Ottawa to urge Trudeau to help talk Trump down from scrapping NAFTA":
"According to Canadian government sources, White House advisers pushing a more cautious approach then called Ottawa to ask for Trudeau’s assistance.

“You never know how much of it is theatre, but it didn’t feel that way,” said one senior Canadian diplomatic source, who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak publicly about the matter. “Maybe they’re just learning how to be a government. At least they were open to the conversation, and that stopped them doing something rash and destructive.”"
"Why Turkish diplomats are pressuring Canada’s Somali diaspora" (my emphasis in red):
"The August gathering of Somalis at the Turkish consulate in Toronto—to discuss a coup attempt led by Turks in Turkey—seemed odd to some of those who were present. “It was strange,” Omar Hassan, chairman of the Somali-Canadian Business Council, told Maclean’s. “The Turkish delegation referred to the Gülenists as terrorists and everyone clapped. Hussen talked about the close relationship between Turkey and Somalia but never contradicted the ‘terrorist’ label.”
A spokesperson from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, where Hussen has since been appointed minister, told Maclean’s the meeting was only one of many Hussen attended that day. “He arrived late from another meeting,” Bernie Derible said. “And he didn’t stay until the end. He said a few words and he left.”
Derible added that there was nothing out of the ordinary about Hussen’s visit to Turkey in July. It was a trip that Hussen, who was not in Cabinet at the time, paid for himself and made in a personal capacity. “The minister is one of those guys,” he said. “He meets with people. He talks to local elected people. But there was nothing they talked about in an official capacity.”
Hassan, who has close ties to Gülen-run organizations in Canada, says he was nonetheless disturbed by what he witnessed at the meeting. The Somali prime minister at the time of the coup attempt, Omar Abdirashid Ali Sharmarke, who is also a dual Canadian-Somali citizen, had sided with the Turkish government. Within days of the failed putsch, Gülen-run schools and a hospital in the capital of Mogadishu were seized and turned over to the Turkish embassy.
Years of AK Party financial support to Somalia had paid off, Hassan said. “And it felt to me like, at that meeting, Turkey was trying to pressure the Somali community into marginalizing the Gülen community in Canada. And Hussen did nothing to challenge that.”
The Turks, however, were facing a less amenable audience elsewhere. Judy Sgro, the MP for Humber River-Black Creek in Toronto, home to the Gülen-affiliated Nile Academy school, told Maclean’s in October last year that Turkey should stop harassing Canada’s Turkish diaspora and “focus on the people living in Turkey.”
“This is such a wonderful community,” she said of the Nile Academy’s staff, students, and parents. “I’ve been visiting them for years and I can’t say anything negative. Their values are Canadian values.”
Still, a senior diplomatic source in Canada told Maclean’s that Turkey has been using whatever leverage it can find to sideline its critics in Canada, including putting pressure on other diaspora communities, like Somalis, who have close ties to the Turkish state.
The diplomatic mission in Toronto, he added, speaking on condition of anonymity, has been monitoring senior Gülen members and reporting their activities back to Turkey, a charge the Germans have been levelling against the AK Party in their country for at least a year.
Unlike Germany, Canada does not have a significant Turkish population. But, despite their small numbers, Gülenists in Canada play an outsized role in the Turkish calculus, the senior diplomat said, because of the close proximity of the U.S.-based Fethullah Gülen, the reclusive cleric who heads the group. Turkish authorities worry that Canada may provide safe sanctuary for him in the event the Trump administration decides to extradite him back to Turkey."
"Emmanuel Clinton & The Revolt Of The Elites". Macron's mysterious rise reminds me of how Ken Roth suddenly became the world's sole arbiter of all things human rights (and then spent decades consistently applying 'human rights' as a Zionist weapon), and how Jeffrey Epstein rose instantly from high school math teacher to world-class financial genius, hobnobbing with, and entertaining, the men who rule the world.  You'd think we'd notice a pattern.

Meditation of the day:  "How Secret Russian Spy Kim Philby Helped Set Up Israel".  It is interesting that this kind of material is still coming out.  Note the ridiculous, but topical, spin of blaming all kinds of violent Zionist trickery on the Soviet Union!!!  I'd like to see some historians, wearing hazmat suits and fully expecting to be killed in the effort, investigate the conspiratorial connections between high ranking Zionists and western politicians to keep Jews from fleeing Europe so the Holocaust could occur and 'Israel' be stolen by Khazars.

"4 reasons why Saudi Arabia may cease to exist".

The Khazars, despite a façade of modern sophistication, are actually an excellent window to understanding primitive thinking:  "Republican Lawmakers Demand Palestinian Capitulation To Israel ‘Victory’":
"Daniel Pipes, the Middle East Forum president, who recently laid out the theory that imposing defeat on the Palestinians was the likelier path to peace, said decades of negotiations assuming neither side had won had resulted in a “war process” instead of a peace process.

“Victory means imposing your will on your enemy,” Pipes said."
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