Monday, June 19, 2017

Airing of grievances

"The Audacity Of Silence On Possible Iran-North Korea Nuclear Ties".  Building nukes for Iran in North Korea is also a plot point in the most recent year of the Israeli propaganda TV show 'Homeland'.  "Student in coma released by N. Korea was active in his campus Jewish community".  "2009–11 detention of American hikers by Iran" (and note how the operation backfired!).  Btw, the coma is a nice touch if you really want to deter future supremacist heroes from repeating this sort of thing.

"Saudi foreign minister says working on list of Qatar 'grievances'".  'Airing of grievances'.

Comment by Terry Flynn at Naked Capitalism on May's health:
"re. Totally anecdotal evidence about May’s performance recently.

I had a random but very interesting conversation on the train to London the other day with a senior clinician whose sister works in a ‘sensitive area of government’ (revealed to be something in the security services). This clinician thinks Theresa May’s Type 1 diabetes has been causing problems. She thinks it isn’t very well controlled and that her advisers tried to minimise stressful encounters with voters in the election and after the fire in order that her blood sugar level is kept more stable and she is less likely to experience hypo episodes….ironically what Labour front-bencher Diane Abbott was experiencing, causing her usual ‘excellent memory for figures’ to falter (and which her brother reportedly spotted straightaway, warning her to step back from the campaign) but which earned her tabloid approbrium.

Now of course, we shouldn’t be letting leaders’ medical conditions influence views, but if true, might explain behaviour and expose the continuing hypocrisy surrounding why the PM is OK to carry on with diabetes whilst a senior, but not leader, of the opposition, is fair game for ongoing criticism."

"The Toxic Movement That Brought Terror To London Bridge".  Missing any mention of who pays for all this.  Note the parallels between al Qaeda human-organ-munching units changing their names to fall off terrorism lists, and these monstrous clowns avoiding British law by doing the same thing!  In each case, western 'anti-terrorism' authorities are protecting these groups.

"Saudi Arabia and Israel Setting up Economic Relations".

"The War Nerd: This Is How The Carriers Will Die (Updated Version)".
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