Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Almost disturbing as

"Hersh’s New Syria Revelations Buried From View" (Cook):
"Hersh’s new investigation was paid for by the London Review of Books, which declined to publish it. This is almost disturbing as the events in question.

What is emerging is a media blackout so strong that even the London Review of Books is running scared. Instead, Hersh’s story appeared yesterday in a German publication, Welt am Sonntag. Welt is an award-winning newspaper, no less serious than the New Yorker or the LRB. But significantly Hersh is being forced to publish ever further from the centres of power whose misinformation his investigations are challenging."

"NYT’s New ‘Reader Center’ Already Proving a Step Backward in Accountability".

"Three CNN Employees Resign Over Retracted Story on Russia Ties".  Outrageous partisan single-source anonymous allegations are clearly not a problem for the mainstream Clintonista media, so there must be something else going on.  The scorched-earth response of CNN is suspicious and leads me to believe that the story was  essentially true, and either:

  1. the Clintonistas accidentally revealed some shenanigans of a 'donor'; or
  2. the reporting was subverted by a Trump dirty trick, intended to force premature publication in order to permanently ruin the story for any subsequent Clintonista attack on Trump in this matter.

"Sanity Emerging in Europe over Syria?"  Curious anomalous head fakes from time to time, in this case from a minor Rothschild functionary.

I suspect the shuttering of Al Jazeera will be the real price Qatar has to pay to calm Salman.  Al Jazeera keeps reminding us that it is basically a terrorism-supporting news outlet, so its loss is not all bad  "Why Macron is wrong about Assad".

"Assad may be preparing a chemical attack, says US".  Yinon not quite dead yet.  Maybe an attack along the Golan border, so the khumanitarian Israelis can rush in to 'save' everybody, and then fail to leave?

"Sold for $60: Yazidi children describe cruel life as IS slaves".  America's greatest ally.

August 2016:  "Donald Trump: I meant that Obama founded ISIS, literally".  A Google search reveals Foxnews had a story called "ISIS leader Al Baghdadi could have been killed by Team Obama before the terror group took off", which naturally appears to have been pulled.

"The mainstream media is bending over backwards to prove that al-Baghdadi is still alive and has been hiding in the desert between Raqqa and Mosul with only two of his bodyguards in a pickup truck."  The greatest American military commander since Ulysses S. Grant is dead, and the Americans, having spent years pretending to try to kill him, weren't the ones who finished the job, so it no wonder they are upset and trying to hide what happened.

"Syrian dogfight reveals F-35 stealth fighter may be toothless tiger".  "China’s claim it has ‘quantum’ radar may leave $17 billion F-35 naked".  I just can't shake the idea that the Australians don't want to be forced to buy this pos.  Things like new Russian missile defense/signal jamming, tanks and planes on the one hand, and the odd pattern of Americans building (extremely expensive) stuff based on outmoded technology and obsolete concepts (aircraft carriers, F-35, those crazy unusable destroyers) on the other.  In a weird way, it is as if American strategists wanted to create tangible symbols of American imperial decline.

"House of Saudi Cards: The Inside Story" (Escobar):
"Before the Riyadh coup, an insistent narrative had been pervading selected Middle East geopolitical circles according to which US intel, “indirectly”, stopped another coup against the young Emir of Qatar, Sheikh Tamim al-Thani, orchestrated by Mohammad bin Zayed, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, with help from Blackwater/Academi's Eric Prince’s army of mercenaries in the UAE. Zayed, crucially, happens to be MBS’s mentor. 
Our source clarifies, “the events are connected. Prince is CIA, but he probably stopped any coup attempt on Qatar. The CIA blocked the coup in Qatar and the Saudis reacted by dumping the CIA selected Mohammed bin Nayef, who was to be the next King. The Saudis are scared. The monarchy is in trouble as the CIA can move the army in Saudi Arabia against the king. This was a defensive move by MBS.”  

The source adds, “MBS is failing everywhere. Yemen, Syria, Qatar, Iraq, etc. are all failures of MBS. China is also displeased with MBS as he has been stirring up trouble in Xinjiang. Russia cannot be happy that MBS was and is behind the lower oil price. Who are his allies?  He has only one and that is his father, who is hardly competent.” King Salman is virtually incapacitated by dementia."

"Lawyer who says Palestinians don’t exist sues San Francisco university":  "The goal is to make the enemy pay".  One of the most notable Khazar attributes is that their supremacism leads them to have a massive chip on their shoulder which causes them to feel their obvious superiority has been insufficiently acknowledged, resulting in actions which actually hurt their position.  Lawfare keeps backfiring, but they just can't help themselves.

Canadian Liberal/liberal virtue-signalling caused a name change to a building:  "Sir Hector-Louis Langevin, “Architect” of Residential Schools?".  Note how much cheaper this is - change a few signs - than fixing poverty or lack of clean drinking water.  I hope people are starting to realize that the liberal identity politics gestures are not in aid of progress, but in lieu of progress.  It's circuses or bread.

"Sniping, Combat and Civilian Control of the Military".  The Canadian military's gloating about the sniper murder record - something I would have thought you'd be ashamed of - caused them to reveal the secret, civilian oversight-less, murder program, not the institution building we are supposed to believe is going on.  Of course, Afghanistan descends into more and more of a hellhole with each passing year, despite all this 'help'.

"The Atlantic Meets in a Synagogue to Discuss How to Destroy the Alt-Right":
"It’s like they’re not even trying to appear as anything other than a Julius Streicher caricature at this point."
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