Monday, June 12, 2017


"I would use the word superior, except people blanch when I use that word."

"Jonathan Freedland’s Corbyn Apology".  Outstanding comment by John (with link corrected):
"The Manchester Guardian was a key component of the Manchester School of Zionism [see, which played a key role – along with Chaim Weizmann – in procuring the Balfour Declaration.
Freedland is just the latest manifestation of this vile influence on UK political life.
He – and the rest of the parroting self-describing “journalists” at The Guardian – should be permanently ostracised for the lick spittle scum they are in the promotion of supremacist racist zionism."
There is a very unconvincing - amusing, really - march of the vile lickspittle Zionists, who viciously attacked Corbyn for pure Khazar supremacist motives, now attempting to get on the right side of what they suddenly now fear is the inevitable British leader.  A lot of history is suddenly being rewritten.  Also (see here)!

"Corbyn and the Jews" (Atzmon):
"Corbyn was supported last Thursday by more than 12 million Brits, in large part because he has a clear record of opposition to Anglo-American Zio-con immoral interventionist wars."

I really hope the British people who don't want to die of austerity, cruelty and wars know who is to blame.  "Did Jewish voters cost Jeremy Corbyn the election?"  "‘Corbyn surge’ in London faltered in ‘bagel belt’ suburbs with strong Jewish vote".  Lying about these issues in order to protect a nasty group of violent racist supremacists is literally killing people (speaking of racist, this ought to be fun, and some of the comments obliquely touch on the problem).  I am confident that things which can't be said out loud are being bitterly muttered in private.
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