Thursday, June 08, 2017

Comey's statement

"My Annotated Notes on the Comey Statement".  "CNN Corrects 'Fake News' Story On Comey-Trump".  Curious backing off by the usual suspects of attempting to push Comey's statement to fit The Narrative.

Comey's released statement sounds legit - it feels exactly as Trump might have reacted (and refutes the Clintonista assertions that Trump stumbles from crisis to crisis like a clown) - and it contradicts the two big Clintonista assertions:

  1. that Trump was delusional or simply lying in suggesting Comey had offered him assurances that Trump was not under investigation; and
  2. that Trump muscled Comey to stop investigating him (though he did suggest, appropriately, that the investigation of Flynn, and the undenied suggestion that this investigation included Trump - the 'cloud' - was hampering the proper operation of his Presidency), the Nixonian obstruction of justice move (in fact, Trump's comment about how it would be good to find out about wrongdoing by "satellite associates" is the opposite of the Nixonian move).
Although Comey's statement clearly doesn't fit The Narrative - we'll see how they react after Comey's testimony today! - lack of facts have never, ever, stopped the Clintonista coup plotters before.
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