Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Historical revisionism

"How Labour Friends of Israel tried to undermine Jeremy Corbyn".  I know they will try to hide behind the Bliar/globalist/neoliberal explanation, but it cannot be emphasized strongly enough who is really behind the attacks against Corbyn.  This isn't just 'donors' and the Jew-controlled media (i.e., BigJew), as heavily Jewish areas also failed to vote Labour, and this despite the fact we are constantly bombarded with the myth that the Jews are progressive.

And so it begins again:  "Hampstead MP to push for ‘truly independent’ review of Labour anti-Semitism".  Are you fucking kidding me?

'Donor' historical revisionism, similar to the revisionism taking place amongst the monsters of the Jew-controlled media (who all really admired Corbyn all along, despite what you think you might have read!):  "Is Michael Foster a Chameleon?" (Atzmon).

"The only real way to stop atrocities like the Manchester attack is to end the wars which allow extremism to grow" (Cockburn). Wars For The Jews, suckers!

"Tulsi Gabbard introduces “Stop Arming Terrorists Act”".  The deep basis of the oddly emotional attacks on her is that her political instincts are fundamentally sound.

Hilarious!:  "Sadiq Khan sought Israel’s advice on fighting terror after spate of UK attacks".  The mouse asks the cat for advice on how not to be eaten by cats.

"Why Americans Don’t Understand Terrorism, At All".  After a while you might notice a pattern . . .

Wow, people are getting angry:  "Taboos And Booze For The Masses".
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