Saturday, June 10, 2017

Like he's a Palestinian house

Every Khazar dark cloud has a silver lining:  "Theresa May to be propped up by Christian Zionists".  "7 nasty or awkward DUP beliefs that show their deal with Theresa May could be a coalition of chaos".  "The DUP is Not Okay".

Letter from Roger Barham to The Guardian:
"I should like to draw attention to the possible effect on the government of Northern Ireland arising from any alliance between the Conservative party and the DUP. The Northern Ireland assembly is currently in suspension because the two major Stormont parties, DUP and Sinn Féin, are unable to reach a power-sharing agreement. If, as seems probable, this remains the case, the administration of the province’s domestic affairs will be undertaken via direct rule from Westminster.

Direct rule by a non-partisan British government is one thing; rule by an administration heavily influenced by the DUP is quite another and would seem contrary to the spirit of power-sharing embodied in the Northern Ireland peace process. I should like to ask what provision might be put in place to safeguard the rights and interests of the nationalist community in Northern Ireland should a Conservative-DUP alliance emerge."
How to turn direct Israeli support for terrorism into a positive through the ubiquitous PR campaign of the Jew-controlled media:  "The Relentless Pulse of Pro-Israel Propaganda in Our Lives".

"New Video Destroys ‘Little Omran’ White Helmets Propaganda – Proves WH, Terrorists Used Boy As Propaganda".

"What Reality Winner Did Was Heroic" by John Kiriakou:
"Cole approached me in 2008 to say that he was writing a book on the CIA’s rendition program. He sent me a list of a dozen names and asked if I could introduce him to anybody on the list. I told him truthfully that I was not involved in renditions and that I did not know anybody on the list. He followed up with a second list, and then a third. I finally said that he obviously knew the issue far better than I did and that I just couldn’t be helpful. Finally, he said, “What about the guy you mentioned in your [first] book? I think his name was ‘John.’” I said, “You’re talking about John Doe. He must be retired by now and living somewhere in Virginia.” That conversation was a crime. I confirmed the name of a former colleague to Cole. Even though I had no idea that colleague was still undercover, it was still a felony.

But the story gets much worse. As it turned out, Cole was never working on any book. Instead, he was secretly acting as an investigator for the Guantanamo defense attorneys. He took John Doe’s name, sent it to a fellow investigator, John Sifton, and Sifton sent it to the attorneys. The attorneys then put the name in a sealed, classified motion asking the judge for permission to interview Doe. The Guantanamo judge immediately recognized that the name was classified and he called the FBI. The FBI subpoenaed the defense attorneys’ emails and traced one back to Sifton. Sifton either cooperated with the FBI (he later testified against me in the grand jury) or the FBI subpoenaed his emails, and traced the information back to Cole.

The next step is still a mystery. The FBI either subpoenaed Cole’s emails – those of a working journalist – or Cole ratted me out to the FBI. Neither Cole nor the FBI have ever said what happened.

And it wasn’t just me who Cole manipulated. In the course of my case, my investigators found ten pages of handwritten notes from Cole, provided to us by a friendly attorney, wherein Cole had spoken with a disgruntled former CIA employee who had eventually given him the names of ten different undercover CIA officers. Cole also passed these names to the Guantanamo defense attorneys, whose investigators then photographed these officers at a secret CIA site so that the Guantanamo detainees they represented could identify them. That’s not journalism. It’s activism. It’s also highly unethical."
The Intercept has employees with big, hard-earned, reputations.  How can they possibly continue to work for this honeypot?

"The Crisis in Qatar" (The Saker):
"The Three Rogue States have the same problem: their military capability to threaten, bully or punish is rapidly eroding and fewer and fewer countries out there fear them. Their biggest mistake is that instead of trying to adapt their policies to this new reality, they always chose to double-down over and over again even though they fail each time, making them look even weaker and their initial predicament even worse. This is a very dangerous downward spiral and yet the Three Rogue States seem unable to devise any other policy."

"The Assassination of Senator Robert F. Kennedy: Questions, Hints and Allegations".  Horribly marred by some fake news inserted about Nixon, part of the vast material being generated for the Clintonista attack on Trump (why do I see so much good stuff wrecked by the insertion of hobby-horse clunkers of PR?).  Ainsworth, an actual terrorist who died committing a terrorist act, is the girl in the polka-dot dress, while her fellow terrorist, Tarrants, is still alive.

The tweeters are on fire.  Tweet.  Tweet.  TweetTweets (lots of ((()))). TweetTweet.

It is just nice to hear somebody say out loud what most are thinking:  "Johnathan Pie on the UK General Election result".

"Hawaiian pizza inventor Sam Panopoulos dies aged 83".
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