Saturday, June 24, 2017

Mind the gap

"Commentary: How Trump can show he’s tough on anti-Semitism".  "Reuter’s (finally) realize there are Nazis in Ukraine".  So a Jew working for the Rothschild house organ tries to Jewshame Trump into taking a hard line against the neo-Nazis installed by Khazar Nudelman-Kagan working for BigJew as part of the anti-Putin campaign to block Putin's actions against Zionist colonialism?  Surely we live in interesting times!

"The Latest Escalation in Syria – What Is Really Going On?" (The Saker):
"The dynamic in Syria is not fundamentally different from the dynamic in the Ukraine: the Neocons know that they have failed to achieve their primary objective: to control the entire country. They also know that their various related financial schemes have collapsed. Finally, they are fully aware that they owe this defeat to Russia and, especially, to Vladimir Putin. So they fell back on plan B. Plan B is almost as good as Plan A (full control) because Plan B has much wider consequences. Plan B is also very simple: trigger a major crisis with Russia but stay short from a full-scale war. Ideally, Plan B should revolve around a “firm” “reaction” to the Russian “aggression” and a “defense” of the US “allies” in the region. In practical terms this simply means: get the Russians to openly send forces into Novorussia or get the Russians to take military actions against the US or its allies in Syria. Once you get this you can easily see that the latest us attacks in Syria have a minor local purpose – to scare or slow down the Syrians- and a major global purpose – to bait the Russians into using forces against the US or an ally. It bears repeating here that what the Neocons really want is what I call a “tepid” war with Russia: an escalation of tensions to levels not even seen during the Cold War, but not a full-scale “hot” WWIII either. A tepid war would finally re-grant NATO at least some kind of purpose (to protect “our European friends and allies” from the “Russian threat”): the already terminally spineless EU politicians would all be brought into an even more advanced state of subservience, the military budgets would go even higher and Trump would be able to say that he made “America” “great” again. And, who knows, maybe the Russian people would *finally* rise against Putin, you never know! (They wouldn’t – but the Neocons have never been deterred from their goofy theories by such minor and altogether irrelevant things as facts or logic)."

The reason the Jews won't get WWIII is that the Russians are pretty smart (and so is Trump in a deep way you can't always see!), and the smart includes installing a highly sophisticated missile defense system across all of Syria (not to mention Russia).

"The mukhtar DJT, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Israel".  Somebody has given Salman a can of gasoline and some matches.  Salman isn't smart.

Duh!:  "The US seems keener to strike at Syria's Assad than it does to destroy Isis" (Fisk).

The full story of the al Qaeda side of things:  "How America Armed Terrorists in Syria" (Porter).

"Shhhh! It’s TOP Secret: Fake News For Your Eyes Only".  The Golden Ticket keeps failing (the big test being that voters obviously aren't moved by it), but the IC, the Dems, and the media - all not smart - just can't help themselves.  Part of the problem with the latest salvo is that the blessed Barry must be blameless:  "Did Obama Choke On Russian Election Interference?"

"Johnny Depp Is Sorry For Making An Assassination Joke".  It is lucky Trump can afford his own security detail and doesn't have to rely on the bullet dodgers.

"You’ll Never Guess What Losing Democrats All Have in Common".  A hint for politicians - No More Wars For The Jews is a proven and guaranteed election winner.  That is, if you actually want to win rather than sit back and add to your shekel collection.

"Wasserman Schultz disputes homeland security claims about DNC hacking".  The first break in the Democrat wall of lies.  It is still utterly amazing, especially in the light of the fact that the President of the United States keeps harping on it, that the FBI has never examined those servers, and still relies on the hinky partisan Ukrainians at CrowdStrike!

"Ghost Candidates Are Not Acceptable".  "Democrats Won’t Moderate Message – Even to Win".

"Canadian Indian Gets Sentence for Torturing a Child Reduced by 70% Because His Grandparents Went to Boarding School".  This is Lamarckian Holocaust grifting applied for the benefit of goyim.  The judge?  Not smart.

"Quebec Premier Couillard, in change of tone, ties Michigan attack to Islam".  They do try.  In fact, in almost every case, multiple warnings are given by the community to officials, who ignore them (presumably so the attack can take place).  Where they don't try is the Saudi problem.  Until they reject all funding from Saudi Arabia, all extremist literature from Saudi Arabia, and unceremoniously turn away any imam funded by or trained in any way in Saudi Arabia, there will be problems.

"Some parliamentary stars shine as one loses glow: Hébert".  Note that the neo-Nazi shines.

"Deborah Lipstadt: Holocaust “deniers” are “conspiracy theorists”" (Alexis).  "Jerusalem synagogue vandalized with swastikas, holy books burned".  'Mentally unstable', just like the bomb threat teen.  But that defense only applies to Jews:  "A French Jew’s killing provides a test for the new Macron administration".

Tweet (Ben Norton):
"Smuggling eggs to get around an illegal, suffocating blockade that makes civilians go hungry is terrorism, basically"

"Creating Fake News through Omission" (Hoffman).

Some alt-right writers are quite smart:  "Architecture & Morality:  The Fall of Grenfell Tower".

"Fired WSJ Reporter Connected To Iran-Contra Arms Dealer".

"No, This Is Not A Headline From The Onion".  I think juries will continue to be disturbed by the fact that some of the victims seemed to actively pursue Cosby, in order to advance their careers, and, even more importantly, continued to pursue him after the attacks.  They are essentially victims of the patriarchy - the only way they could advance is through the sponsorship of a powerful man - but that is not Cosby's direct fault.

"Wikileaks Docs Show How the CIA Allegedly Infected Offline Computers".  "Brutal Kangaroo".
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