Tuesday, June 13, 2017


"Emails Expose How Saudi Arabia And UAE Work The U.S. Media To Push For War".  I thought everyone just assumed that Ignatius and his ilk were on the Saudi payroll.

"Poison in the System".  Part of the endless series of anti-Russian drivel.  The very idea that the British government is suppressing a proper investigation in order to protect Putin as it is "anxious not to inflame diplomatic tensions with Russia" (!) is fall-down-dead-with-laughter ridiculous.  Note that Perepilichnyy falls into the usual pattern of a crook who flees justified prosecution and then attempts to curry favor with the new host country by trying to rat out his former associates as part of the general anti-Putin PR campaign.  The only striking thing about this particular crook - sit down, it is really, really, really shocking - is that he appears not to have been Jewish.  Amazing!

In order to get around the major problem of revelations about  Israel's oddly close connections to ISIS involving research in terrorist technology conducted at the Islamic State/Israeli Advanced Terrorism Research Institute at the University of Mosul - ok, I just made that name, if not the reality, up - an entirely new computer hacking mythology has just been created.  It's all great, Israel isn't working with ISIS after all, and you can forget all that Jewish whining about how Trump accidentally outed Israeli spies and risked their lives.  It is tough trying to keep all the lies straight.

"Iran Claims Proof Of 'Direct US Support" For ISIS Days After Congressman Dana Rohrabacher Floats The Idea".  Send ISIS in, and then send unsolicited help to fight ISIS!:  "Philippines' President Rodrigo Duterte 'not aware' of US forces joining battle in besieged city of Marawi".

"Trump's Darling".  "Hiding the Ugly Business of Torture".

Change your name, and poof, you just disappear.  "The US takes Syria’s Al-Qaeda off Terror Watch-lists".  "Al-Nusra’s Name has been Removed from Terror List after Rebranding".  The chemistry of the War On Terror is that if you combine a terrorist group with a terrorist group armed by the Americans, and the new group continues to commit terror, it is no longer a 'terrorist' group as long as the new group renames itself.  Experts keeping the world safe!

More odd Kinzer at the Boston Globe:  "Saudi Arabia is destabilizing the world".  They seem to have decided that one morsel of truth every year or so won't be noticed.  Having said that, we also have to remember that there is still a strong current of anti-Saudi feeling - butt hurt about old pro-Palestinian rhetoric from some Saudi princes - amongst BigJew, possibly explaining the massive anomaly of truth appearing in a mainstream media source.

"Hillary Clinton Explains The Way To Stop Terrorism Is To "Understand" Other Cultures & Their Food".  "Twitter mocks Saudi editor over #Qataristomach remarks".

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