Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Reputable journalists

Tweet (Mark Ames):
"Celebrities demand they be held unaccountable"
This is amazing. Note the very Greenwaldian feel to the statement - big aggressive counterattack, with beaucoup self-centered, self-aggrandizing, moral outrage, and some distracting straw men thrown in for good measure.

It remains the fact that The Intercept, out of incompetence (unlikely), or by being compromised by the IC (much more likely, especially given John Kiriakou's experience, and the Cole involvement, a striking coincidence), blew the identity of a whistle blower, the most basic and fundamental job it has, and I cannot see how any reputable journalist can continue to work there, regardless of who actually wrote this particular story.  They can try to hide behind claims that we don't really know the details, or that it is really all Trump's fault, but the bottom line is she went to them, relying on their protection, and was immediately caught.
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