Wednesday, June 21, 2017


Saudis double down on pure insanity:  "In Historic Shakeup Saudi King Removes Crown Prince, Names Son As First Heir".  What is the over-under in months before their heads are all on pikes (as they should be)?

"Thoughts on the Disappointing Result Out of Georgia 6."  Ha! Note the early, and utterly insane, victory lap! The Clintonistas picked a pure neoliberal asshole, and threw away an inconceivably large amount of money at getting him elected (of course, as we all know, no money was lost, as the shekels flow from 'donor' pockets to 'donor'-owned media companies, and thus, in the great Khazar Circle of Life, back to 'donor' pockets, with a small amount falling to the professional political hacks), all with the intent to prove that they, and not Bernie supporters, were on the winning track.  Do you think this telling set-back will cause them to change their ways?  No.  How can they be expected to afford multi-million dollar homes without the 'donor' model of financing elections?  The insane lack of connection to reality is based firmly in the greatest and most inspiring love of all, the love of shekels.

"Cristina Fernández de Kirchner".  Another peasant revolt in the offing.

This is funny:  "FOIA Request On Susan Rice's Unmaskings Rejected Because "Records Were Moved To Obama Library"".  It reminds me of how real terrorist groups can now disappear simply with a name change.  Form over substance.

"John Helmer: Chrystia Freeland’s Family Lie Grows Bigger And Blacker– Michael Chomiak Volunteered For Hitler Before Ukraine Was Invaded and Was Hunted by the Polish Police Until the 1980s".  Note the first paragraph of the introduction.  "How, when and where can Canada's digital spies hack? Government makes some suggestions in CSE Act" (the silly new wallpaper over the IC dictatorship:  "The roses and the thorns of Canada’s new national security bill").

"U of O Holocaust scholar says he's a target of Polish 'hate' campaign".  The fact he has utterly misdescribed the 'attack' on him - a letter! - should probably raise flags about his 'scholarship'.  Which isn't to say that some Poles weren't enthusiastic about the general dekhazarization project, for simply baffling reasons.

"Where is Israel’s anti-Palestinian dark money going?"  It looks like they've arranged some system where the 'donors' fund the skulduggery directly.

"Spoiling for a Wider War in Syria".  Wars For The Jews, yet again.  Signals from the American government are decidedly mixed.  Trump's hands-off approach means individual factions of warmongers can cause mischief.  We end up with a bizarre situation where the highest reaches of the US government have to create a complicated framework to get around and manage what parts of the American military/IC are doing to Russia, all within the constraints of the Clintonista Russia phobia:  "Tillerson has a new Russia plan: Less support to neighbors, work with Russia on cybersecurity".  Schizophrenocracy.

"Self-Defense Is No Defense for US Acts of War in Syria" (Cunningham).  As Americans do dirty work for the Khazars, it is no surprise they borrow Khazar rhetorical flourishes.

"Oliver Stone: Shocked at How the CIA is Treating Trump".

"Video: Expert Breaks Down As He Tells Of Warning Of ‘Totally Avoidable’ #Grenfell Fire".  It is a straightforward, obvious, and easily prosecutable case of manslaughter up to the highest levels of government.

"Photographer Khadija Saye Dies in London Grenfell Tower Fire".

"Awful Truth About Laurie Luhn and Roger Ailes" (Alexis).  "Roger Ailes and Rachel Maddow: A Friendship Made in Heaven?" (Strether).

"Why Bernie Sanders is an Imperialist Pig" (Ford).  To be fair, he's a Khazar, and thus can't help himself.

Oh fuck, we're screwed:  "Who serves as Trump-whisperer to Justin Trudeau? Brian Mulroney, of course!".

"Canada Passes Law Criminalizing Use Of Wrong Gender Pronouns".  The new normal of insisting that others bow down and worship the crazy notions in your head now has legal protection.  I regard it as the legal sanctioning of snowflake rudeness (the general snowflake belief is that they can insist on themselves, like five-year olds), and we're seeing it everywhere (and, of course, all this started with holocaust stuff, the template for the criminalization of thought crimes).  I await compulsory veganism and the death penalty for microaggressions and, of course, 'cultural appropriation' (the current fad in Canada, ironically, the ultimate 'white people problem', with 'white' almost always referring to a Khazar-fuelled issue).
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