Saturday, June 17, 2017

Special effects

"UAE paid $3bn to finance coup attempt in Turkey: Report".  "Oliver Stone Calls Out Israeli Interference In American Presidential Election" (see also:  "Oliver Stone: Israel is more dangerous than Russia").  Note that the Jew-controlled media edited out the most interesting part of the interview.

See also:  "HuffPo Publishes Article Calling for Trump’s Execution, Pulls It After GOP Shooting".  "‘F*ck Steve Scalise’: HuffPost writer wishes ‘violent resistance’ were more ‘organized’".  "Joyce Carol Oates’s ‘A Book Of American Martyrs’ Captures The Full Devastation Of Gun Violence".

"Resistance In A Time Of Gunfire".

"The blockade of Qatar may have more to do with Palestine than we think".  The Saudi attacks parallel an anti-Qatar, anti-Hamas bill in Congress, one with Jewish fingerprints all over it.

"Real Talk on Reality".  Proposing that it wasn't the dots that caught her (but it still involved information obtained from The Intercept).

"What is the dirtiest, filthiest, and stinkiest airline in the world? Well, it is not difficult to guess".  "Adventures of riding on an Israeli occupation airline".

"Notorious Saudi Terrorist Gets Targeted by a Suicide Bomber in Idleb, Syria".

"Evidence of fakery in BBC “Saving Syria’s Children” is now undeniable".  Will they change the Oscar category to 'special effects'?

"The Forward publishes criticism of Alison Weir, but refuses to publish response".

"Labour’s Israel lobby plans to relaunch campaign against Corbyn".  Luckily for Corbyn, and Britain, and human civilization itself, the Khazars are always their own worst enemies.

Pierre is busy, what with Reality and all:  "OffG’s PayPal Account has been frozen – please cancel any recurring donations".

"Someone Is Trying to Discredit the Story of Peter Thiel’s Interest in Young Blood".  The clever Mike Judge comedy Silicon Valley recently mocked the idea.

"Leaked Files Show How the CIA Can Hack Your Router to Spy on You".  "The CIA has been rooting around in your WiFi router".  "Cherry Blossom".

Tweet (Jeffrey St. Clair):
"Trump slammed the door on US travel to & business deals with Cuba, which just might save the island from the neoliberal shock therapists"
Tweet (George Bell):
"Thom Yorke feeling awfully sorry for himself for being an imperialist scab and called out on it. Poor Thom. (No mention of Palestinians.)"
Tweet (Aaron Maté‏):
"At 7:55 of this interview, ex-Qatari PM says it was a mistake for Gulf-US to fund jihadist groups in Syria"
Tweet (Mirror Politics) (see here and here and here, with colorful comments, of course - what might have happened had the fire occurred before the election?):
"Here's the difference between Jeremy Corbyn and Theresa May's visits to Grenfell Tower …"
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