Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Timing is everything

The only interesting aspect of the latest IC attack on Trump is the record speed of the arrest:
"Barely an hour after a news organization published an article about a Top Secret National Security Agency document on Russian hacking, the Justice Department announced charges against a 25-year-old government contractor who a senior federal official says was the leaker of the document."
In other words, they were sitting around waiting for publication (with foreknowledge, somehow), essentially part of a conspiracy with the Intercept to make a big anti-Trump PR splash (timed to fall between the Putin interview and the Comey testimony). Of course, no effort whatsoever to prevent the spilling of secrets.  This speedy arrest stands in marked contrast to the big zero of arrests of all the other anti-Trump leakers.

It is hilarious how the Intercept describes the methods that the Russians used to attempt to gain control of American elections - with, as usual, no proof, just 'analysis' (see, generally, the excellent "The Big Fat Compendium Of Russiagate Debunkery", as good as it gets while maintaining a respectable shyness about real root khauses) - without troubling itself to consider the issue that anybody could have done this, and could do it in the future.  It is really an indictment of the entire non-paper-ballot system.

You have to read well into the piece to see that the alleged attack was not against the voting process itself, but voter registration.  Why would the Russians go to all this effort to attack a relatively unimportant part of the process?  Why waste effort and potential exposure (which would allow countermeasures to be taken) when they might have decided to attack the integrity of the vote casting to actually alter results?  A lot of the Intercept article is spent dodging around these obvious questions.

It is the Republicans who are famous for using voter registration for vote suppression.
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