Sunday, June 04, 2017

Vote dead

"Jihad 2.0: the Making of the Next Nightmare".  Striking contrast between the Americans and their Euro-lapdogs, focused always on building death and destruction, and the Chinese, who just build productive things.  I know Americans are justifiably despised all over the world, but why aren't they hated more?  "World Leaders Gather in Beijing While the US Sinks into Irrelevancy" (Madsen).  And nobody in the entire United States, right or 'left', notices a problem.  To be fair, the Americans have no answer to productive actions taken by others - the various enormous (literally incomprehensible) costs of the innumerable Wars For The Jews make any kind of positive action impossible.  All American efforts have to be spent in maintaining the illusion that everything is actually OK.

"'China has only one real ally'".  You can see how fucked up it is when somebody ties to bring faulty American thinking to China's remarkably productive ally-less politics.

"Which Side Are You On? The Western Left's Obsession with Empire".  On the monsters of Jacobin (innocent but necessary question:  does Jacobin have a bad case of the Jews?):
"The anti-war left's attachment to the anti-Assad narrative is based in a colonial mentality which presumes that Westerners have the right to determine the destinies of peoples residing in what was formerly known as the Third World. It is the same mentality that drives the criminalization of Black America, reducing mass incarceration and police murder to products of the innate criminality of Black people. The white supremacist, colonialist worldview is the most useful tool in the imperialist toolbox. When wielded properly, the vast majority of so-called progressives can be herded to disseminate pro-war propaganda without the added labor cost associated with direct infiltration by the state."

"Postol: The New York Times Video Analysis of the Events in Khan Sheikhoun on April 4, 2017: NONE of the Cited Forensic Evidence Supports the Claims".  The Postol summary.  Of course, the United States has moved on to new atrocious Yinon behavior (while noting the appalling cover-up by the Jew-controlled media, we should also note that Trump, typically, continues to take a cautious approach by failing to directly attack the Syrian army or its state allies).  Putin:
"You have mentioned allegations about the use of chemical weapons by the Syrian government. When the attack happened, we called on our American partners – and everyone else who considers this to be expedient – to send inspectors to the airfield from which the planes that dropped chemical bombs allegedly took off.

If chemical weapons were used by President al-Assad’s official agencies, modern verification equipment would certainly find traces of this at the airfield. For certain. These traces would be found in the aircraft and at the airfield. However, everyone refused to conduct such an inspection.

We also proposed sending inspectors to the site of the alleged chemical attack. But they refused as well, claiming that it was dangerous. Why is this dangerous if the attack was delivered at an area where peaceful civilians live and the healthy part of the armed opposition is deployed?

In my opinion, the accusations have been made for the sole purpose of justifying the use of additional measures, including military ones, against al-Assad. That is all. There is no proof that al-Assad has used chemical weapons. We firmly believe that that this is a provocation. President al-Assad did not use chemical weapons."

"US Dashes Ukraine’s Hopes for Privileged Partnership".  Did they think Trump wouldn't notice all the Ukrainians in the current Clintonista coup attempts?  Also:  "Ukraine Factions Vie for Lobbying Edge".  The American coup seems to be fixated on Ukraine, which is either ironic or inevitable given the Ukrainian fingerprints over the whole Democrat apparatus of power (if you're looking for foreign agents undermining American democracy, I know where to look!):  "What Happened to the Michael Cohen Ukraine Dossier?".

"Pandemic".  It is funny how the CIA resembles a malware distributor of about five years ago.  "Blame game for cyber attacks grows murkier as spying, crime tools mix" (Putin has been pointing this out, to no avail, and we've reached the point that if signs point to actor X, actor X is certainly being false-flagged):
"Veteran espionage researcher Jon DiMaggio was hot on the trail three months ago of what on the face of it looked like a menacing new industrial espionage attack by Russian cyber spies.

All the hallmarks were there: targeted phishing emails common to government espionage, an advanced Trojan horse for stealing data from inside organizations, covert communication channels for grabbing documents and clues in the programming code indicating its authors were Russian speakers.

It took weeks before the lead cyber spying investigator at Symantec, a top U.S. computer security firm, figured out instead he was tracking a lone-wolf cyber criminal.

DiMaggio won't identify the name of the culprit, whom he has nicknamed Igor, saying the case is a run-of-the-mill example of increasing difficulties in separating national spy agency activity from cyber crime. The hacker comes from Transdniestria, a disputed, Russian-speaking region of Moldova, he said.

"The malware in question, Trojan.Bachosens, was so advanced that Symantec analysts initially thought they were looking at the work of nation-state actors," DiMaggio told Reuters in a phone interview on Wednesday. "Further investigation revealed a 2017 equivalent of the hobbyist hackers of the 1990s.""

"DNC lawsuit now includes claim that someone in Debbie Wasserman Schultz's office used voice changer"!  I'm waiting for her to don wig and fake mustache and appear before some committee as a Russian agent spilling the beans on Putin's shenanigans.

"Here's The Complete List Of Everyone & Everything Hillary Has Blamed For Her Loss".  "Hillary Lacks the Remorse of Conscience" (Noonan):
"What is true is that throughout her career Mrs. Clinton has shown herself to be largely incapable of honest self-reflection, of pointing the finger, for even a moment, at herself. She is not capable of what in Middle English was called “agenbite of inwit”—remorse of conscience, the self-indictment and implicit growth, that come of taking a serious personal inventory. People are always doing bad things to her, she never does bad things to them. They operate in bad faith, she only in good. They lie and exaggerate, she doesn’t. They are low and partisan, not her. There’s no vast left-wing conspiracy only a right-wing one.

People can see this. It’s part of why she lost.

It is one thing to say, “I take responsibility,” and follow that up with a list of things you believe you got wrong. It’s another thing to say, “I take responsibility,” and then immediately pivot to arguments as to why other people are to blame. “I take responsibility for everything I got wrong, but that’s not why I lost,” is literally what she said Wednesday."
Clinton's post-loss rationalizations, which are the basis of the attempted, and dangerous, coup, are the definitive proof of the fact that Americans made the right choice.

"‘F***ing bulls***’: Ex-DNC official responds to Clinton’s ‘ironic’ election loss blame game".  Is this the kind of anger that fuelled Seth Rich?  We need to remember that the real reason Clinton didn't campaign when and where she should have is that she was suffering from the medical condition of being clinically dead.  Also, I have to note that there are lingering questions about the quality of the Google-powered data being fed to the campaign.  I know that the Mercer PR campaign is to say that Trump won because he had superior, Mercer-provided, data, but maybe he did.  Certainly the Trump data led Trump to focus his late campaigning in just the right way.

Is this a real book?:  "How I Lost By Hillary Clinton".  It appears you can actually buy it, but everything about it looks like a Yes-Men-style joke.

Note the re-writing of history to explain why Clinton failed to concede after it was certain that she lost:  "Hillary Clinton Is Furious. And Resigned. And Funny. And Worried.".

We continue our investigation of why the most lovely people in the universe continue to find themselves in trouble from 'haters':  "“She should die”: Israelis taunt critically wounded Palestinian girl".

Yinon is leading directly, and undeniably, to the end of business travel and, presumably, the eventual collapse of the world airline industry:  "Get ready for the coming business travel crisis".  It is a shame there are no adults in the room with enough courage to just tell the Khazars to go fuck themselves.  On the other hand, no airline industry will be very good for the environment, and we will no doubt have to suffer through gloating about how the Jews saved the world.

"Time to Confront the Media’s Anti-Corbyn Bias".  Actually, if we're going to be 'confronting' things, we should probably admit what the bizarre anti-Corbyn attacks from the traditional 'left' are really about.  Name the Jew!  This Corbynophobia - with Corbyn now so close in the polls that, given the fact the polls are lies, means Corbyn may actually be ahead -  is yet another example that the efforts of the Jew-controlled media no longer work, and are so obviously khorrupt that they backfire.

I'll say!:  "Theresa May writes exclusively for Jewish News: ‘I’ll be your community’s champion’".

"Corbyn attack dog Paul Mason delivers disgraceful smear claiming Theresa May might be too 'unwell' to be Prime Minister".  Another obvious parallel to the Clinton campaign is the tendency of the elites - some kind of magic symbolism? -  to run a dead person to promote the polices of the dead.  Too much decrepitude around politics for it to be a coincidence.

"Roundup: The question of the Speaker".  Most writing on the BC election misses the important subtleties of Canadian politics, but it is striking that the Greens may achieve real sway - bearing in mind the sway only goes so far in a federal system with Justin hell-bent on planet destruction - in a place with as much environmental sensitivity (pipelines, environmentally dangerous shipping, etc.) at this time.
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