Saturday, July 01, 2017

CIA asset

"Syria - These Maps Show A Year Of Progress"

"Bizarre Tanker Cooperation Prompts Questions If Qatar, Saudi Feud Is Staged".  "Qatar Looks to Iran and Iraq".  Unless Salman does something really, really stupid - and doing something really, really stupid is his defining characteristic - this is going to turn out to be a splendid mistake for the Saudis.

"Hacked Email Shows UAE Ambassador Lobbying The Obama White House On Yemen War".  The hilarious part is that the ambassador was absolutely correct that any connection to Human Rights Watch whatsoever utterly impugned the credibility of the reporter.

"Ex-Weapons Inspector: Trump’s Sarin Claims Built on ‘Lie’".

"Media’s Propaganda War on Syria in Full Flow".  The Jew-controlled media is impressive.  It is amazing how they all lie simultaneously, and never, ever make the mistake of telling the truth.  It is like watching a huge school of fish simultaneously shifting and turning through the sea.

"The Case of Syria and the Bleeding Women" (St. Clair).  Trump is very loyal to his friends.  Nobody wants to say it, but Mika was extremely close to Trump and Melania, and I believe Trump lashed out as he feared Mika was trying to talk Melania into leaving him.  Of course, Trump's big betrayal, in the world of entertainment, is publicly outing a face lift. I also think St. Clair should be more charitable to Trump, who actually seems to be the only thin reed holding his crazed staffers and cabinet and their Khazar masters back from starting WWIII.

"New York Times: We lied about Russian cyberattacks" (Alexis).

"Vice Retracts Articles About Donald Trump’s Animatronic Robot at Disney World".

"LOL: Wife Of (((Bernie Sanders))) Tried To Evict Disabled Home Residents From Property Acquired By Bank Fraud".  This story is getting almost comically bad.

Britain faces its most serious crisis in its history:  "Wimbledon warns supporters against political chants and slogans amid fears of outbreak of Corbynism".

"Amazon pulls blank ‘History of Palestinian People’ — which aims to dehumanize in order to subjugate".  Constant and insistent and irritating Khazar supremacist gloating doesn't advance the cause of Zionism, but they can't help themselves.

It is a good sign when the Khazars start to whine about the failures in the fine art of gentile herding.

"Venezuela: Right Wing Accelerates Coup Plans".  It is rather important that Maduro makes it to the end of July, and Evil doesn't win.

"How Accidental are America’s Accidental Civilian Killings Across the Middle East?" (van Buren):
"Among the insights gained was the need for incendiary devices to be made much heavier than originally thought. Japanese homes typically had tile roofs. The early devices tended to bounce right off. A heavier device would break through the tile and ignite inside the structure, creating a much more effective fire."

Nukes were just the biggest and most efficient anti-civilian incendiary devices they could find.

""... To Repeal A War Authorization" Buzzfeed" (Lang).  It is ridiculous that this AUMF is just lying around, waiting for a President to pick it up whenever his Khazar masters demand another War For The Jews.

"Doped Up Nation" (Dinh).  "Michigan Has More Annual Opioid Prescriptions Than People".  "Oklahoma AG sues drug manufacturers over opioid addiction".

"Canada and Its Ukrainian Nazi Collaborators: Chrystia Freeland’s Family Lie Grows Bigger and Blacker".  Grandpapa was literally a Project Paperclip rat on the end of a ratline, so the Nazi family connection is probably less important than the CIA family connection.  How did Freeland move up to be so powerful, and who does she really work for?

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