Thursday, July 13, 2017

Merchant of Venice level

"Israel’s Ever-more Sadistic Reprisals Against Palestinians Help Bolster its Victim Image" (Cook).  Lawfare to the max (Merchant of Venice level, Shakespeare nailed it!), and reeks of prototypical Khazar supremacism.

"Ex-Gitmo detainee praises Canada’s deal with Omar Khadr as setting the bar".  This incident should be very enlightening about the utter supremacist depravity behind the Canadian Jew-controlled media.  These people are monsters, beneath contempt.

"Judea Declares War against Roger Waters" (Atzmon).  Note again how the surpremacism causes them to be outraged at the mere idea that anybody might challenge them, leading to obvious (to everybody else) tactical mistakes.

"Bob Corker: Saudi terrorism support 'dwarfs' Qatar's".  Whoa!  'Rookie mistake'.  Tillerson still seems unable to find a face saving way for Salman to walk his foolishness back.

Ha!:  "UK refuses to publish report on 'funding of extremism'".  "US and Qatar sign deal on fighting terrorism" (has Qatar been scared straight?).

"Trump Jr. Emails Prove No Russian Collusion by Publius Tacitus".  Logical.

"Donald Trump Junior and the Russian lawyer: non story and possible sting" and its comments.  "Fusion GPS: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know".  "Was Trump Jr Meeting Deep-State Setup For FISA Wiretaps? Russian Atty Hates President & Linked To 'Pissgate' Firm".  Could this have been a Clinton campaign operation to set Trump's campaign up?

Yet another illegal IC leak:  "The three NY Times sources ..." (Lang).

"Memorial goes ahead at Toronto library for lawyer who represented far-right extremists".  The logic is that some people should not have legal representation.

Despite massive evidence to the contrary, the Israelis would like you to know they don't support the terrorists in Syria:  "Israel’s Relations With The Syrian Rebels: An Assessment".

"Israel Watches Anxiously as Iran Expands Military Influence in Syria, Lebanon".  "Israel cannot be pleased with tomorrow's SW cease fire in Syria" (Lang).  "Iran Ups the Ante in Syria: What’s the Message?"  "Iran and Oman agree to boost ties amid Gulf crisis".

"China to open first overseas military base in Djibouti".  Military  It's almost funny.  Sadly, the magic money the US spends on bases and wars can't possibly be used for any other purpose.

"Why Palestine Is Still the Issue" (Pilger).
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