Monday, July 31, 2017

Mistakes upon mistakes

"Robert Mueller, Conspiracy Theorist" (Raimondo).  Superb dissection of the anthrax scandal (and Mueller's role in it), which was targeted at hold-outs to the passage of the Patriot Act.  Two innocent people's lives were ruined by the investigations which were intended to cover up for the real perps.

"Drinking Rum Until I Understand the Cuban Embargo" (Van Buren).

Explains a lot:  "EXCLUSIVE: Saudi investor ploughs millions into liberal icon of UK media".

"NATO’s New Libya Still Burning" (Gunnar).  The thing about these neocon policy 'experts' is that once they create a disaster they can immediately turn around and call for the disaster to be fixed by another war, secure in the knowledge that almost no one will call them out on it.  Of course, the main impetus for calls for attacks on Iran is the increased influence of Iran caused as a direct result of the wars on Iraq and Syria.

"Al Qaeda “Mysteriously” Metastasizing in Northwest Syria" (Cartalucci).

The lessons of Muammar's ass bayonet:  "Trump Intel Chief: North Korea Learned From Libya War To “Never” Give Up Nukes".

"GCC is split forever" (Angry Arab).  How is it that Oman somehow always manages to avoid these spats?

"Trump Is Reneging on His Promise to the Midwest, Biofuel Industry Says".  There are quite a few examples piling up of Trump quietly doing the right thing.

"Wasserman-Schultz And The Pakistani IT Scammers: "There's More Than Just Bank Fraud Going On Here"".  Fusion GPS seems to be the corporatization of dirty tricks, while the Awans are professional IT shenanigan experts.  Capitalism manifests itself in colorful ways in Washington.
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