Thursday, July 27, 2017

Natural high

"Israel & Jews have no legit claim to Temple Mount".  "Israeli settlers raid Palestinian home, move in furniture despite court ruling".  Again:  "Rick and Morty | The Adventures of Stealy".

"Why Israel censored reporting on the Jordan embassy shooting":
"According to Israel's government, an Israeli security guard opened fire after a 17-year-old Jordanian, who had entered the embassy complex to replace furniture, attacked him with a screwdriver.
But reports on Jordanian media suggest that it wasn't the Jordanian workman who attacked the guard, but that he himself was shot by the guard during an argument between the two.
Although there was no official gag order issued by the court, the Israeli Military Censor did not allow the incident to be published on local media - a rule all media outlets in the county are bound to when reporting about security issues."
The Israelis then got their asset Kushner to intervene to get the Jordanian King to play along, created an absurd story of a terrorist attack thwarted by a brave Israeli, and brought the killer back to Israel as a national hero!  "Jordan Angered by Israel's Portrayal of Embassy Crisis and 'Absurd Hero's Welcome' Given by Netanyahu".  If this registered with you at all, it was as a brave beleaguered Jew fighting off an appalling Arab terrorist attack against innocent embassy staff.  Remember this as you swallow whole the next media story of 'terrorism'!

The massively important MAGA thing that Trump did is being intentionally not noticed - except for a few bleats from Israel and its supporters - because noticing it would raise a lot of uncomfortable questions about what exactly Bush and Barry were up to:  ""Donald Trump just kept his most important promise on the Mideast" - Mulshine".

I don't know if it is true in any way, but the religious right seems to have the idea that Americans are joining the military for the sole purpose of having sex change operations paid for by the American government.  This seems to be an issue of American health care issues spilling over elsewhere.  Anyway:  "Trump values bottom line more than soldiers’ well-being: Teitel".  "Big business beginning to understand bottom line, support for transgender rights are linked: Teitel":
"Jennifer Pritzker is a retired U.S. Army colonel and a businesswoman. She is also thought to be the only openly transgender billionaire in the world.

The Pritzker family founded the Hyatt hotel chain and, according to Forbes magazine, is one of the 400 wealthiest broods in America. Forbes estimates that Pritzker alone is worth $1.76 billion."
Jennifer is the cousin of Barry's Penny.  I wonder why the encouragement of this recent fashion of extreme body modification isn't regarded as medical malpractice in the psychiatric profession.

"Steve Bannon Pushing For 44 Percent Marginal Tax Rate On The Very Rich".  Only about half-way there, but still enough to cause a Koch heart attack.  Speaking of the Kochs, their ability to control the Republicans into walking a tightrope over American health care, with such profound and massive negative effects on millions of people of even one slip, is amazing.  I can't believe what I am seeing, but Americans seem to have accepted it as normal.

"Imperial Power Centers" (Petras).  On the upcoming American budget battle.

Wtf?:  "Lindsey Graham asks whether AIPAC, which comes to Capitol Hill in ‘droves,’ is a foreign agent".

"Russian meddling is Watergate-worthy, but Israeli meddling is hunky-dory" (Weiss).

"The Atlantic Council: Experts on the front line of disinformation".

"Tillerson to Remain at State Department Despite Reports of Resignation" (with appropriate illustration).  Despite the constant rumors (partly due to Trump's own Twitter manipulation of the media landscape), the relatively unimportant Spicey is the only prominent one who has left, and Trump didn't want him to go.  Trump's high business executives have been with him for decades, and it appears he values loyalty above all.

"The Devil’s Chessboard: Allen Dulles, the CIA, and the Rise of the American Secret Government".  Again, the same people who publish this are completely incapable or unwilling to see exactly the same thing being done by the exact same IC today against Trump!  Tomorrow, without so much as a blink, they will publish some more WWIII-promoting anti-Russian crap based on completely unsubstantiated and illegal IC leaks!

"7 Pictures That Prove Venezuela’s Opposition ‘Strike’ Is a Flop".  Venezuela coverage is just another example of American media malfeasance/lying.

"NYT, Reuters, Economist journalists self-censor reports from Israel so as not to be ‘savagely targeted’ — John Lyons". Note the subtle but typical lie here - they 'self-censor' because they are obvious Zionist agents, not because they are afraid of anything!

"Senators Promise To Amend Israel Boycott Bill After Backlash".  They've listened to your concerns and blasphemy will now only cost you a quarter million, mere pocket change!

A new tax on Europeans, and a large one, based on the higher prices they will have to pay for American LNG rather than the planned Russian supply, and for once the craven Euro politicians are pretending to have backbones:  "EU To Retaliate "Within Days" If US Imposes New Sanctions On Russia".  Possible face-saving way out:  "Make America Safe: Put Congress on Permanent Recess (What the Sanction Bill is Really About)" (Mish).

"America's Militarized Police" (Giraldi).  The American nativists, the same people who say not a peep about the ridiculous amount of police violence against minorities, took this obvious police wrongdoing story - about police training and a systematic fascist political attitude that has consumed American policing - and turned it into a Somali wrongdoing story.

"Do you know this man? OPP hope forensic art will crack decades-old case".  I don't know what is new about this technology, but I always like to see the police try to solve cold cases.  Perhaps the most famous unidentified Canadian(s):  "Sumter County Does" (also).

Tweet (Mike Faulk):
"This anti-marijuana billboard in Yakima was paid for by the WA Department of Health. Some find it, well, offensive."
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