Monday, July 17, 2017


The new obsession:  "Iran Dominates in Iraq After U.S. ‘Handed the Country Over’".  You can't but be amused by the ironies.

"Tucker Carlson Goes to War Against the Neocons" ("New York, Washington or L.A." is straight-up 'anti-Semitism'):
"Carlson seems intent on pressing the issue. The previous night, in his debate with Peters, the retired lieutenant colonel said that Carlson sounded like Charles Lindbergh, who opposed U.S. intervention against Nazi Germany before 1941. “This particular strain of Republican foreign policy has almost no constituency. Nobody agrees with it. I mean there’s not actually a large group of people outside of New York, Washington or L.A. who think any of this is a good idea,” Carlson says. “All I am is an asker of obvious questions. And that’s enough to reveal these people have no idea what they’re talking about. None.”"
I used to think Tucker Carlson was a bit of a clown, but he is the best in the entire American media at interviewing people who are lying to him (just about everybody).  The Jews and shabbos goyim are flabbergasted, literally never having experienced anything but greasy enabling by the American mainstream media.  See also:  "Tucker Carlson, Neocon Slayer" (Raimondo).

As Mr. Angry keeps noting, there is a bizarre industry in the media of making up implausible nonsense about Hezbollah based on purported interviews with Hezbollah officials:  "When This Western Journalist Reports on Hezbollah".  Of course, there is a market for this as good shekels will be paid for it.

"Russia says growing acceptance of Assad is key to Syria talks".

They don't want to question anybody who might threaten The Narrative:  "Co-founder of firm behind Trump-Russia dossier will not testify before Senate next week".

Tweets purporting to debunk the analysis of The Forensicator.  Of course, there remains no - literally none! - evidence for the Official Story, and, in a properly functioning media environment, these are the kind of issues that would be discussed.

"Why would a Russian attorney who hates Donald Trump and has ties to the ‘pissgate’ dossier firm, Fusion GPS, agree to provide Trump Jr. with opposition research on Hillary Clinton unless it was a setup?"  "Is Russiagate Really Hillarygate?"  "Report: Lynch Tapped Manafort's Phone During Trump Jr. Meeting With Russian Lawyer".  Lynch might be the John Dean of this rodeo, the set-up artiste.

"The Age of Detesting Trump".  More on the boor factor.

"Russiagate and the Magnitsky Affair, Linked Again".  Terrible Taibbi, who seems to have a terminal case of Putin Derangement Syndrome, a side-effect of American Exceptionalism, and a disease we now see across the American political spectrum.  Note how he brushes off the inconvenient anti-Narrative fact that the Putin skeptic who made the documentary changed his mind when confronted with the evidence.  I also have to note that the adoption thing is one of the few levers the Russians have, and is fraught with American Exceptionalists assuming the white-man's burden - apropos as these babies are valued because they are very, very white - and 'saving' them from the savage Russians.

"As Anti-Trump / Anti-Russia Campaign Fails - Yascha Mounk Feeds New Lies" (Moon).

"dentist-level good looks".

More clarification (from hero to zero):  "Barbara Lee’s Slam on Trump-Putin Meeting".  "Democrats Gone Mad: The Year of Living Stupidly" (Ford).  There is a huge opportunity cost to obsessing over one issue that no real human beings care about.

"The New Silk Road Will Go Through Syria" (Escobar).

"As Momentum Grows to Remove Brazil’s President, New Pressure Campaign Sparks Rage".  "The Meaning of Lula’s Conviction".  It would seem that being 'nice' and not burning everything down, for strategic reasons, doesn't work very well.

Blood-sucking freaks to watch:  Cerberus Capital.

"Radiation and ringworm: a tale of social policy, racism, and health care".  Once supremacists define themselves as the only human beings, they immediately start to differentiate within the supreme group.  Of course, the only pure human beings are Khazars, everybody else is some form of domestic animal.  "While Attacks in Israel Make Headlines, Humanitarian Crisis in Gaza Ignored".

"'Wash it off': Jewish Montrealer says police initially didn't take anti-Semitic graffiti seriously".  Shoe polish?  How did they know who owned the car?  The usual hinkiness.  Note that the story is intended to create more official obsequiousness in the future, and it worked.

Israel screws things up in all sorts of ways:  "North Korea’s Fast-Track Missile Development: How Far It’s Come and Why It Has the U.S. on Edge":
"Trump’s policy of “maximum pressure and engagement” is based on the principle that the United States will not recognize North Korea as a nuclear state. But what does this mean? North Korea, as everyone knows, is a nuclear state.

What the U.S. means is that it won’t recognize North Korea’s right to be a nuclear state. Why is this important?

According to the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty (NPT), only the five countries that already had nuclear weapons when the treaty went into force in 1970—the United States, United Kingdom, France, Russia, China—are internationally recognized as nuclear weapon states. The treaty requires them to reduce their nuclear arsenal towards eventual elimination and prohibits all other signatories from possessing nuclear weapons.

Never mind that the five nuclear weapon states are far from achieving their commitment to disarmament and that the United States is spending $1 trillion to modernize its nuclear arsenal. The United States’ primary concern is the second half of the NPT’s stated goal—that no one else besides the five officially-recognized nuclear weapon states should have nuclear weapons. As such, North Korea’s nuclear and missile program, in the U.S.’ view, is an affront to this doctrine and the country should be punished accordingly.

But what about India, Pakistan and Israel—also countries with nuclear weapons that are not parties to the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty (NPT), you might ask. Does the United States refuse to recognize them as nuclear states?

Therein lies the greatest hypocrisy behind U.S. condemnation of North Korea’s nuclear and missile tests. Because the U.S. has no problem with India, Pakistan and Israel possessing nuclear weapons, it has seen no need to make such a pronouncement."

"Breaking: Desjardins Suspends New Pipeline Investments".  Credit unions aren't supposed to be evil.

"Lawyers weigh in on case of fatal hit-and-run driver who says he saved woman’s life".

"Legal Arguments in "Monkey Selfie" Case Are Bananas at Hearing".  A big problem is that monkeys are discriminated against in that our speciesist society won't grant them marriage licences.  The homophobes may be right about that slippery slope.

The deplorables out of Nashville are producing an impressive body of art (suffering tends to do that):  "Jason Isbell performs "Last Of My Kind" (July 3, 2017) | Charlie Rose".
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