Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Several residents

"This is going to be a death-grip bone-crushing handshake for the ages".

Pre-meeting softening/sanity:  "Tillerson: Russia Should Decide Assad's Fate".


"Ontario court upholds $1.7B judgment against Iran, ruling in favour of American victims of terrorism".  This is embarrassing.

"Like the Shoes You Order From Amazon, Opioids Are Made in China and Arrive Directly at Your Doorstep".  I know that it takes months now to import anything from China to Canada, as Canadian customs is inspecting all packages.  I suspect this story has been created to protect the 'legitimate' big-pharma drug pushers.

"Mahmoud Abbas’ high stakes gamble in Gaza".  Official attitudes towards the Muslim Brotherhood keep playing out in various ways across the Middle East.

"Gitmo Detainees Get Russian Propaganda From U.S. Military".  Making Gitmo inmates better informed that 99% of Americans.  The other details from the letters are more interesting.

"Israel fears endangered World Heritage status could thwart Hebron takeover".  Jew-haters have infinite tricks up their sleeves.

I've been thinking about that Holocaust memorial desecration.  You know, the one that can be removed by pulling a sheet off?  Who uses ((())) anymore?  And 'Heebs'?  And the completely polite tone of the message?  Lots of PR for one group, probably extra money for security (that won't be used for security, but immediately sent off to the settlements to steal more land), negative publicity for the supposed offenders.  It shouldn't be any surprise who is mostly behind these 'attacks'.  Cui bono?  Local reporting is hilarious and on point:
"Vandals have posted a banner containing an anti-Jewish slur on a Holocaust memorial at a synagogue in a New Jersey shore town where several residents were recently accused of misrepresenting their incomes to improperly obtain public welfare benefits."
"Notpetya: Why Would Russia Target Kaspersky AV?"  One of the peculiarities of all the Russian government blaming is that Russians are often the main victims of the attacks.  That is a lot of self-inflicted serious harm just to make yourself look innocent, particularly when they know that logic never enters into the analysis of American exceptionalists, who will blame the Russians anyway.

Tweet (BringYourOwnAnarchy):
""We think the price is worth it."
Madeleine Albright, when she was asked if the Iraq sanctions were worth the price of 500K dead children."
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