Monday, July 10, 2017

Special ethical challenges

"Taking Stock of the Times Blockbuster".  Note that the 'blockbuster' part is that Jr. took the meeting as he was told there would be information available that, as Jr. describes, "individuals connected to Russia were funding the Democratic National Committee and supporting Ms. Clinton" - not an unreasonable thing for him to want to hear, and, given the hinky connections of the Clintons and the Clinton Foundation to Russians in the uranium business ("the special ethical challenges presented by the Clinton Foundation", set up for the very purpose of getting around the 'special ethical challenges' of accepting, and reporting, sizzling hot money from sleazebags!), not at all an unlikely scenario.  Natalia Veselnitskaya knew enough about the state of play that she was able to lure him to the meeting on promises of info she didn't deliver.  The Clintonistas are reduced to using generally-known Clinton sleaziness to build their non-existent case against the Trump campaign (in this case with a meeting considered by its attendees so unimportant that Trump wasn't even aware of it).

Note Marshall's typical Clintonista trickery:  "Veselnitskaya’s claim that Russia was funding the Clinton campaign seems preposterous."  Of course, the idea that Putin and the Russian government were funding Clinton - who wanted to start WWIII against Russia - is preposterous, but in issue is not Russia, but "individuals connected to Russia", and we know there are connections of the Clintons/Clinton Foundation to iffy individuals around the world who might very well want to see their pal Killary in the White House.
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