Friday, July 28, 2017

Stealing news

"Joyful Palestinian worshippers greeted with Israeli violence".

I know it is fun to mock the King of Jordan but it looks like the Israelis were forced to back off on their latest plans to seize the mosque compound by whatever deal Bibi had to accept to get his murdering embassy guard back (and the fanfare over him was a distraction for the loss of face).  The Israeli violence was the frustration of Stealy.

This will cheer them up:  "My child died before my eyes".

"These are the Israeli leaders who want to destroy al-Aqsa".

"State Dep’t is ‘bigoted, anti-Semitic, Israel-hating’ for saying Palestinian statelessness fosters violence".  Under the glasnost of Trump, the 'Arabists' in the State Department are raising their heads slightly above the barricades.

"The Root Cause of Today’s Antisemitism Is Western Support for the Occupation of Palestine".

"Is Gaza-Sinai state a possibility for Palestinians?" (Cook).  I think this is the one betrayal that would finish Sisi off.
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