Tuesday, July 25, 2017

This changes everything

"Intel Vets Challenge ‘Russia Hack’ Evidence" (big intelligence names now behind the Forensicator-inspired analysis):
"It has long been clear to us that the reason the U.S. government lacks conclusive evidence of a transfer of a “Russian hack” to WikiLeaks is because there was no such transfer. Based mostly on the cumulatively unique technical experience of our ex-NSA colleagues, we have been saying for almost a year that the DNC data reached WikiLeaks via a copy/leak by a DNC insider (but almost certainly not the same person who copied DNC data on July 5, 2016).

From the information available, we conclude that the same inside-DNC, copy/leak process was used at two different times, by two different entities, for two distinctly different purposes:

-(1) an inside leak to WikiLeaks before Julian Assange announced on June 12, 2016, that he had DNC documents and planned to publish them (which he did on July 22) – the presumed objective being to expose strong DNC bias toward the Clinton candidacy; and

-(2) a separate leak on July 5, 2016, to pre-emptively taint anything WikiLeaks might later publish by “showing” it came from a “Russian hack.”"

Note that this latest analysis makes the DNC wrongdoing much more serious, actually altering data to add 'evidence' of Russian involvement to be used at the Democratic convention as the basis for the claim of Russian hacking. Is it possible that what the Democrats are hiding is the preemptive tainting leak, which goes well beyond security incompetence into pure treason (casting unfair blame on Russia that might lead to WWIII)?  'Guccifer 2.0' would then be a fictitious creation of the DNC to proactively add the Russian spin as a distraction from the content of the leaks.

Also, Seth Rich was murdered on July 10.  His knowledge of the treasonous shenanigans on July 5 would have been a good motive for murdering him.  Though the DNC leak and the Podesta leak were separate, is it possible Rich did both, with somebody else handing the Podesta material over to Craig Murray in September, as Rich had already been murdered by then?  That would mean there is another unidentified friend of Rich and possible DNC insider involved.

"What Are the Democrats Hiding? by Publius Tacitus".  "FBI Seized Crushed Hard Drives From Home Of Wasserman-Schultz' IT Aide". Besides CrowdStrike, this adds more potential expert suspects for the insider July 5 'hack'.

Trump's constant tweeting about the DNC emails remains bizarre when apparently nothing is being done about it by his own DoJ.  But is it possible that he knows what went on and is attempting to have it both ways - use the hints of DNC wrongdoing to protect himself, while secretly ordering Sessions to stay away in order to protect his long time good friends, the Clintons? 
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