Monday, August 28, 2017


"Daily Stormer: Now Dawns the Algerian Age".  There are levels of irony here.

"The Online Slaughter Continues: Stormfront Falls To Domain-Stealing Bolsheviks".

This rather elaborate and extensive conspiracy by Silicon Valley CEOs to establish control of content by selective effective censorship has, of course, gone mostly unnoticed by the mainstream media.

"Left, You Have Been Duped" (read the whole thing, a perfect denunciation of the 'virtuous left'):
"Suddenly we are being confronted with organizations who claim to know what is or is not appropriate for the rest of us to hear. Now that sides have been established — one which can decide what it is and isn’t acceptable speech, and another which is forbidden to speak on pain of attack, all that remains is for the powerful to make sure their narrative is the one that’s allowed. Isn’t this fascism? Aren’t people who claim to be anti-fascist actually doing what classic fascists do?

It’s not a coincidence that just prior to these speaking events being shut down, Google, Inc. asserted its right to decide what is and is not a legitimate news source. At the same time the US Congress is considering legislation that would make it illegal for US citizens to support boycott, divestment, or sanctions against Israel. Not surprisingly, the pro-Israel Anti Defamation League (ADL) has been brought on by Google to advise them on which news sources are legitimate and which are not. Google now has such a monopoly on information on the Internet that it is in a position to bury unapproved news sources forever. The ADL will therefore be able to effectively censor any negative news about what Israel is doing in Palestine and the middle east, just as AIPAC, through its ownership of the US Congress, will be able to censor free speech of American citizens when it comes to, once again, Israel.

In the ‘50s the ADL monitored “pinkos” for the House UnAmerican Activities Committee. In the ‘90s ADL monitored activists working to end apartheid in South Africa, in the 2000s the ADL began monitoring Arab American organizations and mosques. Today the ADL monitors pro-Palestine groups on college campuses. In each case the ADL has gone after “extremism and hate speech” in the US, as defined by Israel."

Tweet (Julian Assange):
"New YouTube censorship system. "Controversial" but contract-legal videos cannot be liked, embedded or earn. Example:"
"YouTube Just Demonetized Hundreds of Our Videos".

YouTube alternative (from Alexandria!):  "LBRY for Windows".

"DreamHost ordered to hand over data on anti-Trump website: The criminalization of political dissent".  If you consider the German stuff and the American antifa/#resistance stuff, it is not hard to see the 'strategy of tension' pattern.  A large part of the problem is that Trump - who, let us never forget, is the purest distillation of America, both 'left' and right - has caused such derangement amongst the class of people who would normally be alert to the warning signs of fascism that they are completely unable, or unwilling, to croak out a protest.  Soros and his ilk frolic in the fog caused by Trump.

 Tweet (Dilyana Gaytandzhiev) (referring to this):
"I've just got fired for telling the truth about weapons supplies for #terrorists in #Syria on diplomatic flights"
"Megaupload execs’ extradition may be at risk after new spying revelations".

"Journalist David Sheen faces lawsuit from Israeli general Israel Ziv".

"The Possible Education of Donald Trump" (Parry).  I know people will say it is impossible to find any virtue in Trump, but if you ignore what he says, he still hasn't done anything tragically wrong (though his unwillingness to stand up to the generals regarding Afghanistan is disturbing), and seems disinclined to do so (in stark contrast to Killary, who wouldn't have pardoned Arpaio, but would have gleefully leapt into WWIII).

"Falwells’ South Beach Flophouse".  The implication is that Trey is, well, you know.

"Israel demands compensation from residents after demolishing their homes"
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